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Unit 1 Lesson 2

Vocabulary for Lesson 2

Ecosystem interdependent community of plants and animals.
Lithosphere the solid rock portion of the earth's surface.
Atmosphere the layers of gases immediately surrounding the earth.
Hydrosphere the waters comprising the earth's surface, including oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and vapor in the atmosphere.
Biosphere all the parts of the earth where plants and animals live, including the atmosphere, the lithosphere and the hydrosphere.
Weather the condition of the atmosphere at a particular location and time.
Windward on the side exposed to the wind or to prevailing winds.
Leeward the direction in which the wind is blowing.
Climate the typical weather conditions at a particular location as observed over time.
Deciduous a named characteristic of broadleaf trees, such as maple, oak, birch and cottonwood
Coniferous another word for needleleaf trees.
Mixed forest forest having both deciduous and coniferous trees.
Chaparral the term, in some locations, for a biome of drought-resistant trees
Solstice either of two times of year when the sun's rays shine directly overhead at noon at the furthest points north or south, and that mark the beginning of summer and winter;
Equinox each of the two days in a year on which day and night are equal in length; marks the beginning of spring and autumn.
Rotation the spinning of the earth on its own axis.
Revolution the earth orbiting (moving around) the sun.
Tilt the leaning of the earth on its axis at a 23.5 degree angle in relation to the sun.
Indirect rays sun rays that do not directly hit a particular area.
Direct rays sun rays that directly shine on a particular area.
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