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step 2: Cardio5

Cardio 5

What is the def. of Vtach? 3+ PVCs and tachycardia
VTach appearance on ECG? wide QRS without relationship to P waves
Rx of Vtach? IV Amiodarone if pt is hemodynamically stable. Otherwise, electric cardioversion + antiarrhythmics + ICD if necessary
Vfib = ? x_x if not treated ASAP!
Rx of Vfib (witnessed arrest vs unwitnessed)? witnessed: cardioversion/defibrillator. unwitnessed: CPR (also done if defibrillator not available for >5min)
When do you shock asystole? NEVER. EVER.
Name the rhythm: CHAOTIC wide QRS. Vfib
Name the rhythm: wide QRS not ass'd with P waves 40-100 bpm accelerated vent rhythm
Name the rhythm: narrow QRS, not ass'd with P wave, 100+ bpm junctional tachycardia (remember narrow QRS always means AV node involved. "junctional" means AV node)
wide QRS not a/w Pwaves, 20-40bpm ventricular rhythm
wide QRS not a/w Pwaves, 100+bpm ventricular tachycardia
narrow QRS no a/w Pwaves, 60-100bpm accelerated junctional rhythm
erratic QRS in a sine wave pattern Torsades
Multifocal atrial rhythm (not tachycardia) is aka ___________ wandering pacemaker
What is mgmt if ECG shows complete independence of P waves from QRS? pacemaker
Rx of premature atrial contractions? observation
What antiarrhythmic damages lung, liver, and thyroid? amiodarone (TFT, PFT, LFT)
What causes Kussmaul's sign? Pulsus Paradoxus? Kussmauls: decreased RV capacity (leading to increased JVD). Pulsus: decreased LV capacity (decreased systolic pressure with inspiration)
Which disease causes Kussmauls sign? Constrictive pericarditis
Which disease causes Pulsus Paradoxus? Cardiac tamponade
What labs are raised in LHF? BNP, N terminal pro-BNP
What does severe hyponatremia imply in a CHF patient? poor prognosis; low Na+ is due to H2O retention--> due to low renal blood flow
What is the classic appearance of pericardial effusion on CXR? globular heart
CHF + DM + raised LFTs = ? hemochromatosis
How do you work-up a low grade systolic vs diastolic murmur, if there are no other symptoms? systolic = no workup. diastolic = echo
short systolic mumur @ apex, decreased with squatting, associated with quick benign chest pain? MVP
Pt with MS from RHD who is otherwise asymptomatic, maybe exhibit clinically symptomatic in what condition? any volume overload (like pregnancy)
MCC of CHF in young patients myocarditis
Hypotension, distant heart sounds, distended neck veins. What do these signify? Becks triad: cardiac tamponade
LMNOPP stands for what Rx? Rx of exacerbation of CHF. loops, morphine, nitrates/nesetide, O2, Position, Pressors (dobutamine)
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