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step 2: Cardio4

Cardio 4

1st degree HB involves a PR >____sec. > 0.2sec (1 big box)
2nd degree Mobitz I is also known as? What does it entail? Wenkebach (one-kebach). W-warning. Prolonging PR, then dropped beat.
2nd degree Mobitz II involves what phenomenon on ECG? Randomly skipped QRS.
Which do you treat: Mobitz I or Mobitz II? What is the Rx? You only treat Mobitz II. Rx is ventricular pacemaker
What type of HB is common after MI? How do you Rx it? Type III (no relationship btwn P waves and QRS). Rx with pacemaker (never give adenosine, which affects AV node)
What is the definition of Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia? What causes it? What population? PVST = tachycardia originating in atria. Usually caused by re-entry rhythm. Occurs in healthy young pt's.
What are the AV re-entry pathways? AV nodal and extranodal (WPW). Both cause PSVT
What ECG finding is may be found in PSVT? narrow QRS
Rx of PSVT? Any difference if cause is WPW? vagal maneuvers (carotid massage, cold water) + adenosine. If pt is hemodynamically unstable, do CARDIOVERSION. If cause is WPW, give AMIADARONE OR PROCAINAMIDE (adenosine slows AVnode, which is useless in WPW)
What does variable morphology of P waves imply? multifocal atrial tachycardia
How do you treat Multifocal atrial tachycardia? B blockers or CCB acutely. ablation/surgery for long term. correct K+/Mg+. (no Rx for asymptomatic)
What arrhythmia does digoxin cause? Why? Atrial tachycardia. creates ectopic foci + increased vagal tone
Rx for premature atrial beats(P waves)? no Rx necessary, usually normal due to caffeine, anxiety, etc
What are the only shockable rhythms? VTach of Vfib (never PEA!!)
Bradychardia with dizziness, what is Rx? with hypotension? dizzy= atropine. hypotension= add epinephrine
Irregularly Irregular pulse signifies _________. Afib
What is the MCC of Afib? What are other causes? MCC= HTN, hypothyroidism, valve disease (s/p CABG or AV replacement)
Rx protocol for Afib (its a long one)? warfarin + rate control (BB,CCB,Digxn) for all. If presenting w/i 2 days (or TEE shows no thrombi after 2 days), add cardioversion (electrical or chemical w/ drugs). If thrombus present after 2 days, anti coagulate with warfarin (or ASA) then cardioverzn.
what causes Aflutter? ectopic foci (like MAT) in atria, due to re-entry d/t abnormal AV condxn
What is the diff btwn Afib and A flutter on ECG Afib= QRS present with no P waves. Aflutter = sawtooth
Aflutter can progress to ________ Afib
What is PVC? What's its Rx? Premature ven contraction. Similar to MAT, but ectopic foci are in ventricles. No Rx if asymptomatic (Rx can be harmful in asympt.)
How many PVCs in a row can cause Vtach? 3 in a row
What electrolyte abnormality is a common cause of Torsades? What congenital abnormality is a common cause? low Mg+. LQTS
How do you treat Torsades? B Blockers
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