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step 2: Cardio3

Cardio 3

How do you treat a distal embolus (such as in a leg)? First heparin, then embolectomy
What heart sounds may indicate an MI? S3 or NEW S4, new systolic murmur
how often should heart enzymes be measured in first 24h of MI pt? every 8h
which enzyme is best to check in initial 24h of MI? Which is best to check after a few days? w/i 24h: CK-MB. few days: Trop I (can be used initially too)
What drug is contraindicated in STelv MI (due to risk of reflex tachycardia)? Nifedipine (non-dhp CCBs like diltiazem can be given after B-blockers)
Name the 6 meds to give in MI during emergency O2, ASA chewed, clopidogrel or GP IIb/IIIa inh, B-blocker, NG, Morphine
What 2 electrolyte levels should be maintained in an MI pt? Potassium and Magnesium
what picture would indicate RVF after MI? What drugs should you avoid? clear lung fields, raised JVP. avoid nitrates and diuretics...they will exacerbate hypotension
Vfib following MI is due to ________ re-entry beats (damaged myocardium causes block)
What med do you add during MI Rx if you suspect pulm edema? Furosemide
3 MCC's of death in few hrs post-MI? Vtach, Vfib, cardiogenic shock
What arrhythmia can free wall rupture post-MI lead to? PEA (due to tamponade)
persistant elevated ST months after MI indicates? wall aneurysm
What do you do if MI pt gets cold leg (embolism from LV) in ICU? ECHO to visualize original thrombus
What is ASA "pseudo-allergy"? Rx for it? raised LTs due to COX block. Rx with LT inhibitors
What are the 5 out-patient meds to give after ICU discharge in post-MI? B-blockers, ACEi/ARB, ASA or clopidogrel, statin, K+-sparing diuretic
Warfarin is given post-MI if there is risk of ___________ thrombus
Rx of choice for cocaine MI? benzos
SA is often involved in MI of which part of heart? Inferior MI, since blood supply is the same (RCA)
How does verapamil affect digoxin clearance? it causes decreased digoxin clearance from kidneys (increasing risk of side effects)
What do you give for Vtach post-MI? amiodarone
What are 3 GP IIIb/IIa inhibitors? abciximab, eptifibatide, tirofiban
Ticlopidine has same mech of axn as _________. This mech of axn is? clipidogrel. ADP rec blocker on platelets
what lipid Rx binds C diff toxin? bile acid sequestrants.
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