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step 2: Cardio2

Cardio 2

Cause of chest pain: ST elevation only during brief episodes of chest pain? Prinzmetal angina
Cause of chest pain: Patient able to localize chest pain with one finger chest wall injury (musculoskeletal)
Cause of chest pain: Chest wall tenderness on palpation chest wall injury (musculoskeletal)
Cause of chest pain: rapid onset sharp pain that radiates to scapula aortic dissection
Cause of chest pain: rapid onset sharp pain in a 20yo w/ dyspnea spontaneous PTX
Cause of chest pain: occurs after heavy meals and improved by antacids GERD or esoph spasm
Cause of chest pain: sharp pain lasting hrs-days, relieved by sitting fwd pericarditis
Cause of chest pain: pain made worse by deep breath or motion musculoskeletal
Cause of chest pain: in a dermatomal distribution herpes zoster
Cause of chest pain: most common cause of non cardiac pain GERD
Cause of chest pain: acute onset dyspnea, tachycardia, confusion in hospitalized pt Pulm embolism
Cause of chest pain: Pain began on day following a new exercise program musculoskeletal
Cause of chest pain: widened mediastinum on CXR Dissection
What is DOC in angina pt? What if same pt has HTN? DOC = NG. If HTN present= B-blockers
At what TOTAL CHOLESTEROL level should a pt have their lipid fractions tested (LDL, HDL, etc)? >200 mg/dL. If total is <200, retest after 5y
If a pt has reversible myocardial ischemia, what is the next step in mgmt? Cardiac catheterization to assess need for further intervention
What does Unstable Angina present as? ECG picture? Risk of developing into _____. presents as angina at rest (d/t plaque rupture, hemorrhage, thrombosis), ECG is ST DEPRESSION and T wave flattening. Progresses to MI
Which lipid Rx has facial flushing? How do you treat that s/e? Niacin. Rx with ASA
_______ should never be mixed with statins d/t increased myositis and liver damage risk. Fibrates
Name a cholesterol absorption inhibitor. Ezetimibe
Which lipid Rx may actually increase TAGs? Which has best affect on HDL? increased TAGs = bile acid sequestrant. improved HDL = niacin
pathogenesis behind statins causing LFT derangements? low coQ and dolichol synthesis
What is the next step in mgmt of a pt with 3 vessel CAD, EF <50%? What about milder Sx? CABG in very severe. Meds first, then PCTA or CABG if angina still present in milder cases.
What drug should be given after stent placement? clopidogrel
Created by: jsad