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Step 2: ER 2

ER 2

What prophylactic vaccine should be given to a spider bite victim? Tetanus toxoid
If spider bite leads to a necrotic center, give 5-7days of __________. Which ABx should also be considered (except in cases of G6PD def)? corticosteroids; dapsone
What ABx should be given if spider bite shows signs of infection? Erythromycin
Antivenom for a spider bite should be given ideally within _______ minutes 30
Calcium gluconate is given in black widow bites for __________ relief muscle pain
Pancreatitis can be caused by _______ bites scorpion
Which animal bite wounds should be sutured: face or hand? hand is left open, face is sutured (less infxn risk on face)
Clindamycin + 1 of which 2 drugs can be given for dog/cat bites that are infected? fluoroquinolone or bactrim
Tetanus booster is given every ____ years 10 years
What is the antidote for: Acetaminophen, Salicylates, Anticholinesterases/organophosphates N-acetylcysteine, (charcoal, dialysis, sodium bicarb), atropine + pralidoxime
What is the antidote for: Antimuscarninics/anticholinergics physostigmine
What is the antidote for B blockers (or verapamil) Glucagon, Insulin + Glc, Ca2+
What is the antidote for digoxin, Iron, Lead anti-dig FABs, Deferoxamine, (demercoprol, EDTA, succimer)
What is the antidote for Mercury, Copper, Methemoglobin Demercaprol, penicillamine, meth blue
What is the antidote for Cyanide, CO, Opioids? (thiosulfate, nitroprusside, NG), pure O2, nalexone/naltrexone
What is the antidote for benzodiazepines, TCAs, Heparin? flumazenil, (sodium bicarb, diazepam), protamine
What is the antidote of Warfarin, Isoniazid, Sulfonylureas? (vit K, FFP), B6, (octeotride, dextrose)
DUMBELS (leaky) is a sign of ____________ poisoning organophosphate
Why do you give sodium bicarb for methanol or ethylene glycol ingestion? to correct acidosis
What drug do you give in cases of methanol / ethylene glycol poisoning? if this Rx is not available, whats the next best option? fomepazole, ethanol
5 phases of iron poisoning in a toddler? GI phase (abd pain/diarrhea/vomit), Latent phase, Shock/met acidosis, Hepatic necrosis, Bowel obstruction (from scarring, 2-8wks later)
In methanol poison, what is the next step if organ damage is suspected? dialysis
schizo pt comes with plumbing sollution (alkali), what is next steps? ABCs, no antiemetics or NG tube!, endoscopy to assess injury. If minor, discharge. If significant, treat/admit.
almond scented breath implies ___________________ cyanide poisoning
Cyanide damage to the brain (late complication) can cause what? Parkinsonism (damage to basal ganglia)
________________ indicates level of digoxin toxicity. hyperkalemia
What 2 EKG changes occur in digoxin overdose prolonged PR, scooping ST segments
What can you give before anti-dig FABs for digoxin OD treatment? activated charcoal
What should be avoided in digoxin OD since it may cause worsening hyperkalemia calcium
What is the Rx for bradycardia due to digoxin OD? atropine
__________ and __________ is often a common presenting complaint for aspirin OD tinnitus, hyperthermia
type of alkalosis/acidosis in aspirin OD? mixed resp alkalosis (hyperventilation) and met acidosis
Too much warfarin in pt, INR <5. Next step? skip next dose, lower overall dosage
Too much warfarin in pt, INR 5-9. Next step? skip next 2 doses, monitor INR, and when in a good range, continue with lower dosages
Too much warfarin in pt, INR 9+. Next step? hold all warfarin dosaging until INR is back to normal. Give vit K orally once, then as needed. warfarin dose is lowered once restared
Too much warfarin in pt, bleeding heavily. Next step? vit K slow IV, FFP, monitor INR and give FFP as needed. NO WARFARIN
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