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Step 2: ER 1

ER 1

What are the levels of the 3 degrees of burns? 1st= epidermis only. 2nd= partial thickness of dermis. 3rd= all of dermis and some fatty tissue
1st degree burns resemble _________ sunburn
Blisters in a burn indicate what thickness of involvement? epidermis and partial dermis
Which degree burn is painless? 3rd degree
Capillary refill (+) indicates what type of burn? 1st degree (no blanching in 2nd and 3rd degree)
What are the 11 areas of the rule of 9%? What are the 1% areas? 9%= head, chest, abdomen, 2 arms, back, buttocks, 2 front of legs, 2 back of legs. 1%= Genitals and 2 hands
Internal damage is often worse than external damage in __________ burns. electrical
In electric burn patients, you must keep high index of suspicion for __________________ syndrome. compartment
Why are electric burns treated extremely aggressively with IV fluids? to prevent myoglobinuria, renal failure, and acidosis (all due to muscle necrosis)
Why is EKG done in electric burn patient? to rule out induced dysarrhythmia
Full thickness burns >_____% BSA and partial thickness burns >______% BSA indicate a transfer to burn center 5% full thickness, 10% partial thickness
Sepsis in burns is caused by which organism? pseudomonas
What antimicrobials must be given when dressing a burn? silver sulfadiazine, bacitracin
What is the Parkland burn forumla? 4ml x kg x % burn = RL fluid (1/2 in 8h, 2nd 1/2 in 16h) + maintenance
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