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Step 2: Endo3

Endo 3

hypoglycemia caused by non-B cell tumors excrete _________ IGF-2
(T4/T3) is converted to (T4/T3) in serum. Which is more potent? T4-->T3 in serum. T3 is more potent (T4 has a shorter half life)
Name scenarios in which TBG increases. In which it decreases. What is affect on Total T4, and free T4? increased: pregnancy, OCPs. decreased: nephrotic syndrome, androgen use. Total T4 is affected by TBG, free T4 is not
How does stress affect TRH release from hypothalamus? it inhibits release (Stress-->less thyroid activation)
Which has feedback on TSH release: T3 or T4? T4
MCC of hyperthyroid? Graves
Rx of choice for hyperthyroidism (including Graves)? What do you give as first line Rx in pregnant hyperthyroid pt? Radio iodine ablation. pregant= give PTU/MTM
Why are elderly hyperthyroid pt's not given radioablation as first line Rx? b/c radio therapy causes initial increased thyroid release from dying cells (so can exacerbate heart problems)
HTN of thyrotoxicosis is caused by ________________ circulation. hyperdynamic circulation (increased systolic pressure d/t increased contractility)
What is suspected if a pt taking PTU/Methimazole has fever and sore throat? What is the next step in this pt? agranulocytosis. Stop PTU/MTM immediately, put pt on ABx and GCSF and check WBCs
Painful goiter is usually _________. Rx for this? Subacute (de Quirvian) thyroiditis. Usually self limited
What is Jodd Bastow phenomenon? Iodine Rx causing hyperthyroidism
Majority of thyroid nodules are ? benign colloid nodules
MCC of hypothyroid Hashimotos
anti-TPO, anti-microsomal ABs, anti-thyroglobulin are all found in ? Hashimotos
Hashimotos shows a (hot/cold) thyroid scan cold
What sign does a hashimotos lymphoma possibly show on CT of neck? Donut sign around trachea
What type of pattern does hashimotos show on microscopy pseudocystic
what is the MCC of thyroid carcinoma Papillary carcinoma
Psamomma bodies are in which Thyroid carcinoma? Papillary carcinoma
Which Thyroid CA has increased calcitonin levels Medullary carcinoma
Which thyroid CA has the worst prognosis? Anaplastic
What is the prognosis in medullary CA of thyroid? Good
Orphan annie nuclei are in which thyroid ca? Papillary Ca
painless thyroiditis is found in what pts? pregnant
What is the next step if MEN syndrome is suspected? DNA test to confirm, then total thyroidectomy
What chemical imbalance commonly follows thyroidectomy? hypocalcemia, due to PTH removal
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