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Southmoore Green Book--Unit 1 Verbs

accedo, accedere, accessi, accessurus to approach
accido, accidere, accidi to fall to, happen
adduco, adducere, adduxi, adductus to lead to, influence
adsum, adesse, adfui to be present
afficio, afficere, affeci, affectus to affect
ago, agere, egi, actus to lead, do
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissus to lose, send away
appello (1) to name, call
audio, audire, audivi, auditus to hear
cado, cadere, cecidi, casurus to fall
capio, capere, cepi, captus to take, capture
clamo (1) to shout
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausus to close
cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi, cognotus to learn, know
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactus to drive together, compel
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectus to finish
confirmo (1) to make firm, encourage, establish
consulo , consulere, consului, consultus to consult
contineo, continere, continui, contentus to contain
cupio, cupire, cupivi, cuptius to desire
curro, currere, cucurri, cursus to run
debeo, debere, debui, debitus to owe, ought
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus to say
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus to let go, dismiss
facio, facere, feci, factus to make, do
doceo, docere, docui, doctus to teach
efficio, efficere,effeci, effectus to bring about, cause, effect
expello, expellere, expuli, expulsus to drive out
exspecto (1) to wait for
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugiturus to flee
gero, gerere, gessi, gessus to wear, wage
habeo, habere, habui, habitus to have
interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectus to kill
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventus to find
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus to order
lego, legere, legi, lectus to gather, read
mando (1) to entrust
maneo, manere, mansi, mansurus to remain
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusus to play
mitto, mittere, misi, missus to send
moneo, monere, monui, monitus to warn, advise
munio, munire, munivi, munitus to fortify
navigo (1) to sail
nosco, noscere, novi, notus to learn, know
nuntio (1) to announce
obtineo, obtinere, obtinui, obtentus to obtain
occupo (1) to seize
opprimo, opprimere, oppressi, oppressus to overcome, suprise, oppress
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentus to show
peto, petere, petivi, petitus to seek, attack
pono, ponere, posui, positus to put, place
possum, posse, potui to be able
premo, premere, pressi, pressus to press
probo (1) to test, prove
procedo, procedere, processi, processurus to go forth, proceed
propero (1) to hurry
puto (1) to think
rapio, rapire, rapui, raptus to take
respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsus to respond
rogo (1) to ask
scio, scire, scivi, scitus to know
scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus to write
sentio, sentire, sentivi, sensus to feel, think
servo (1) to protect, guard
specto (1) to watch
spero (1) to hope
sto, stare, steti, status to stand
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentus to have
terreo, terrere, terrui, territus to frighten
timeo, timere, timui to fear
valeo, valere, valui, valiturus to be strong
venio, venire, veni, venturus to come, go
video, videre, visi, visus to see
vinco, vincere, vici, victus to conquer
Created by: southmoore