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Step2: Neuro3

Neuro 3

Poor comprehension and Word-salad is ___________ aphasia. Wernicke's
Good comprehension but poor fluency is __________ aphasia Broca's
Fluent speech w/ frequent attempts to correct words, long pauses is _____________ aphasia. Conduction
Poor comprehension and poor speech is ____________ aphasia Global
What metabolic defect is a common cause of seizures in adults and infants? Na+ defecit (hyponatremia). Low Glc can also cause seizures.
Which 4 meds cause seizures (the meds themselves, not withdrawal from them)? buproprion (antidepressant), buspiron (anxiolytic), enflurane, theophylline (overdose)
Which 4 meds cause seizures when withdrawn? Benzos, alcohol, barbs, anticonvulsants
Which vitamin deficiency causes seizures? B6 deficiency (low GABA levels)
____________ seizures have focal sensory or motor deficit with NO affect on consciousness. Simple partial
____________ seizures have hallucinations (usually olfactory) and automatisms. Consciousness if impaired. Postictal confusion possible. Complex partial
What part of the brain do complex partial seizures affect? Temporal lobe
What are the 5 types of generalized convulsive seizures? tonic, clonic, tonic-clonic, myoclonic, atonic
Todd's paralysis is ____hrs of u/l paralysis following ______________ seizures. 15hrs; convulsive seizures
Absence seizure has ___ cycle/second pattern known as ________________. 3 cycle/second; "spike & wave" pattern
How many minutes of seizues without remittance is considered status epilepticus? 20min without return to normal consciousness
What is the purpose of CBC in status epilepticus? to check for infection as a cause
Toxicology can rule out a _________ etiology for status epilepticus. Drugs
4 steps to Status Epilepticus management 1. ABCs 2. IV Benzos (loraz/diaz) to treat current seizing, Phenytoin to prevent further seizures 3. Phenobarb/pentobarb for refractive seizures 4. Rx underlying cause
Pregnant Women with seizures should be given ________ as Rx for likely eclampsia. Mg Sulfate
Grand mal (tonic clonic) seizures are Rx'd with ___________, ____________, _______________, _____________, and _____________ Phenytoin, Carbamezapine, Valproate, Lamotrigine, Topiramate
Partial seizures have 3 DOCs. They are: Lamotragine, Carbamezapine, Phenytoin
What are the #1 and #2 drug for Absence seizure? 1: ethosuxamide 2: valproate
DOC for Myoclonic seizure? Valproate
Which seizure med causes gingival hyperplasia? Phenytoin
Which seizure med is DOC for Trigeminal neuralgia? Carbamezapine
What drugs cause Stevens Johnson syndrome? Anticonvulsants, ABx (sulfas, penicillins, allopurinol)
What are the P450 inducers (BCG PQRS)? Barbs, Carbamez, Griseofulvin, Phenytoin, Quinidine, Rifampin, St. Johns Wort, (ethanol)
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