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있잔아요, 우리 이럴 필요없잔아요 You know what? We don't have to do the thing
여러모로 망신당하네 Humiliatiing on so many level
난 망했다 I'm Screwed
그게 인정받는데 도움이 되는 건지 모르겠어 That's gonna help with the respect thing
선생님도 초반에는 여러 번 놓치셨을 것이라 장담한다 Bet you missed a lot when you first started out
근무는 마라톤이지 단거리가 아냐!먹자 This Shift is a marathon, not a sprint. Eat
엘리스 그레이가 내엄마라면 소원이 없겠네 I would kill to have Ellis Greys as a mother
엘리스 그레이가 나라면 좋겠어 I'd kill to be Ellis Grey
누구 편이야 Where is your loyalty
그것도 모르겠다 Don't know that either
내가 어렸을때 아버지는 책을 읽어주곤 했다 When I was a child, my father would (used to) read me a book
이상한 사람이 집에오면, 나는 옷장안에 숨곤했다. Whenever a stranger came to our house, I would hide in a closet
우리 공부하는 것보다 술집에가는게 더 좋겠다 We would rather go to the bar than study grammer
영화는 괞찬았었는데, 어제는 콘서트 가는게 더 좋을뻔했다 Movie was Okay, but we would rather have gone to the concert last night
내가 문닫아도 될까요? Would you mind if I closed the door?
문좀 닫아줄래? Would you mind closing the door?
내가 일찍 떠나도 되겠니? Would you mind if I left early?
좀 일찍 떠나주겠니? Would you mind leaving early?
다시 말해줄래? Would you mind repeating that?
날 위해 그것을 도서관에 돌려줄래? Would you mind taking it back to the library for me?
Created by: jaeboo