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Stack #1

Stack #Word Power Made Easy Chapter 6

anthropologist development of the human race
astronomer field of heavens,celestial phenomena
geologist field of earth, the earth
biologist field of living organisms, all forms of living matter
botanist field of plants
zoologist field of animals
entomologist field of insects
philologist study of languages, ancient to modern, primitive or cultured
semanticist field of linguistics, relationships of words and meanings
socialogist field of study on how people live together, customs, relationships, family, community
anthropos mankind
logos science, study
astron star
nautes sailor
naus ship
dis againist
nomos law, arrangement, order
autos self
metron measurement
ge (geo) earth
grahein to write
bios life
opsis, optikos view, vision, sight
botane plant
zoion animal
anthropology science of human development
astronomy science of the heavens
astrology theory of the influence of planets and stars on human events
geology science of the composition of the earth
biology science of living matter
geometry mathematical science of figures and shapes
botany science of plants
zoology science of animal life
autopsy dissection and examination of a corpse to determine the cause of death
biopsy examination of living tisse
biography story of someone's life
autobiography story of one's life
zodiac diagram of paths of sun, moon, and planets
astronaut "sailor among the stars"
cosmonaut "sailor of the universe"
aster star-shaped flower
disaster great misfortune
autonomy self-rule
metronome instrument to mesure musical time
zoological pertaining to the science of animals
botanical pertaining to the science of plants
autopsy dissection of a corpse to determine the cause of death
biological pertaining to the science of all living matter
geological pertaining to the science of the earth's composition
astrophysics branch of physics dealing with the composition of celestial bodies
astronomical very high number,
astrologer person who believes human events are influenced by the paths of the sun, moon, and planets
autonomous self-governing
nautical pertaining to ship, sailing
asterisk star shaped symbol
en in
tome a cutting
in- in
sectus cut
kentron center
a- not, negative
ana- up
dicha- in two
epi- on, upon
logos word, speech
lingua tongue
philein to love
sophos wise
adelphos brother
biblion book
Anglus english
socius companion
anti- againist
entomology science dealing with insects
eccentricity strangeness, oddness, unconventionality
anatomy physical structure
dichotomy condition or state of being split into two parts
epitome summary, representation of the whole
philology condition or state of being split into two parts
semantics science of the meanings and effects of words
sociology science of social structures and customs
aphrodisiac that which causes sexual arousal
philanthropy charitable worksk
dichotomize to split in two
epitomize to summarize
philander to engage in extramarital sex
philter love potion, aphrodisiac
bibliophile book collector
Anglophile one fond of British people and customs
asocial withdrawn from contact with people
tome dull, heavy book
philological pertaining to the study of language
socialogical pertaining to the science of group cultures, conventions
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