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Southmoore--Green Book Unit 1 Nouns

soror, sororis sister F.
vox, vocis voice F.
vir, viri man M.
vestis, vestis clothing F.
tempus, temporis time N.
auctoritas, auctoritatis authority F.
servus, servi slave M.
avis, avis bird F.
civis, civis citizen M.
civitas, civitatis citizenship, state F.
condicio, condicionis condition, terms F.
consilium, consilii plan, idea N.
dux, ducis leader M.
filius, filii son M.
flumen, fluminis river N.
frater, fratris brother M.
fuga, fugae flight F.
gens, gentis family, clan F.
genus, generis birth, kind N.
homo, hominis man M.
hostis, hostis enemy M.
iter, itineris road, journey N.
ius, iuris right N.
lex, legis law F.
liberi, liberorum children M.
lux, lucis light F.
mater, matris mother F.
materia, materiae matter, timber F.
mensis, mensis month M.
miles, milites soldier M.
modus, modi mode, method M.
mons, montis mountain M.
munus, muneris duty, service, gift N.
negotium, negotii business N.
nemo, nemini, neminem no one
nomen, nominis name N.
numerus, numeri number M.
officium, officii office, duty N.
opus, operis work N.
pars, partis part F.
pater, patris father M.
pax, pacis peace F.
periculum, periculi danger N.
pes, pedis foot M.
poena, poenae penalty, punishment F.
populus, populi people M.
potestas, potestatis power F.
princeps, principis chief M.
salus, salutis health, saftey F.
sententia, sententiae feeling, sentence F.
amicus, amici friend M.
animal, animalis animal N.
annus, anni year M.
arma, armorum arms N.
auctor, auctoris author M.
auxilium, auxilii aid, help N.
signum, signi sign N.
Created by: southmoore