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unit 1

Constructive forces Processes which raise or build up the surface of the earth
Destructive forces Processes which lower the surface of the earth
Deposition The process of dropping, or depositing sediment in a new location.
Earthquakes Vibration of the Earth caused by energy that has been stored along a fault.
Volcano Type of mountain formed when tectonic plates push magma from under the Earth's surface;this hardened lava forms a mountain.
Delta A deposit of soil or silt formed wherever a swift stream or river empties into a lake,ocean or a slower river.It has a triangular shape
Sand dune A mound of sand that is deposited by the wind
Faults A large crack in layers of rock where movement has occurred.
Erosion Carrying away weathered soil,rock,and other materials on the Earth's surface by gravity,water'and wind
Weathering Process of physical disintegration and chemical decomposition of solid rock materials at or near the Earth's surface
Decomposer An organism that obtains energy from decaying organic material
Organisms A living thing
Seismological studies The study of earthquakes and the structure of the Earth,by both naturally and artificially generated seismic waves.
Flood control Any activity designed to reduce the flow and impact of a flood including levees,reservoirs,and dams
Dam A barrier controlling the flow of water and backing up water.
Levee a long,narrow embankment usually built to protect the land from flooding,can occur naturally along a river.
Beach reclamation The process a reestablishing a beach after severe erosion has depleted it
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