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science notes c

science notes

What is used for holding wet and dry chemicals, heating chemicals, and holds small amounts? Test Tube
What is used for timing short periods of time? Stopwatch
What is used for holding chemicals, mixing chemicals, measuring large amounts ofchemicals, and is measured in mL? Beaker
What is used for measuring volume in meniscus? (*more exact measurement) Graduated Cylinder
What is used for holding chemicals, heating chemicals, and mixing chemicals? Flask
What is used for observing very small objects and orginisms? Microscope
What is used for measuring length and distance in cm? Meter Stick
What is used for measuring force in grams? Spring Scale
What is used for adding small amounts of liquids? Eye Dropper
What is used for magnifying and observing small items? Hand Lens
What is used for measuring heat? Thermometer
What is used for measuring mass? Electronic Scale
What helps pour substances into small openings? Funnel
anti- against
arth- joint, jointed
auto- self
bio- related to life
chloro- green
cyto- cell
di- double
epi- above
loi- two
exo- outer, external
gastro- stomach
hemo- blood
herb- pretaining to plants
hectero- different
homeo- same
macro- large
micro- small
multi- consisting of many things
osteo- bone
photo- pretaining to light
plasma- forming substance
proto- first
syn- together
-cyst pouch
-derm skin,layer
-gen producing
-itis inflamation
-logy study
-meter measurement
-osis condition,disease
-phage eater
-phase stage
-pod foot
-stasis stationary,condition
-troph nutrition
What does science mean? "to know"
What is the goal of science? To understand the world around us.
What are the 3 branches of science? Earth, Life, and Physical
What is Earth science? The study of Earth (rocks,oceans,volcanoes,mountains,earthquakes,atmosphere,weather,and astronomy)
What is life science? The study of living things(people,animals,plants,and ecosystems)
What is physical science? The study of matter,energy,chemistry,and physics.
Fact-> Theory-> Law * law- a theory that has been tested SEVERAL times and has been proved.
Created by: Carls