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zoology Quiz

Lesson 1

What 3 groups of animals were created on the 6th day according to Gen 1:24-25? wild animals, livestock, animals that creep along the ground
What is a safari and what is its purpose? a journey across a stretch of land, to observe or hunt wild animals
What are ungulates? and what group of animals do we mostly find that have them? animals with hooves, livestock
Some animals have been called predators which means what? they chase, capture and eat other animals
Why is it not good to try to make a wild animal into a pet? It still has it's wild instincts, can cause us or our friends and loved ones harm accidentally
Camaflouge gives some animals protection for survival at the expense of the lives of other animals... this is called what? natural selection
Define species and tell how that is different from "kinds" species - similar animal with different attributes and characteristics kinds- completely different animals ie cat and dog
What are prey? the animals eaten by predators
According to Gen 1:29-31 what were the wild animals originally given to eat? What caused that to change? Green plants; sin
When animals don't behave in captivity (like a zoo) in the same manner that they would behave in the wild, What do we call that? (Meaning they adapt to their new environment by adjusting their normal behavior). a false habitat
What three kinds of animals come under the creeping animals spoke about in Gen 1? reptiles, amphibians, arthropods
Is a habituated animal tame? no
What is a farrier? someone who specifically cares for horses hooves
Created by: kjproverbs356