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zoology quiz

Lesson 3

What is rabies? a deadly disease caused by a virus, the virus is carried in an animals saliva and is spread when an infected animal's saliva gets into an open wound or moist tissue like the nose eyes or mouth of another animal or person.
How many species of raccoons are there? 3
What 3 things are characteristic of animals in the procyonidae family? med or long tails most of which are ringed, have 5 toes on each foot and are plantigrades.
How do skunks warn you of their intentions to spray you? by hissing and stamping their feet
Give me 3 characteristics of an otter. love to play,romp and play tug of war,a group of otters is called a romp. Otters are carnivores and live in a holt. Their dense fur keeps their skin dry, they use tools, have retractible claws
Is it true that glaobal warming is a threat to polar bears? no
Why are pandas seriously endangered? habitat loss, only 3 out of 10 captive-bred pandas live for more than 6 months,they have bad parenting skills, mother won't take care of her young, if she has twins sometimes she will not care for one, some pandas may live their whole life no
How do you tell the difference between a black and brown bear since color is not always a factor? black bears have a hump on their back have larger and less furry ears than brown bears,black bear's face has a straight profile while a brown bears has a dip between the eyes and snout, a brown bears claws are longer, black bears are smaller in size
Explain the reasoning behind the slogan " A fed bear is a dead bear" because people love to camp and always bring food, the black bear has become accustomed to this and has become habituated to humans. Campers perceive them as tame and feed them sometimes even out of their hands BUT once the food is gone the bear will..
Explain the reasoning behind the slogan " A fed bear is a dead bear" (cont) swipe or bite the person that fed it. because of them becoming habituated and therefore a threat to humans these bears have to be trapped and relocated. they often find their way back and when they do they have to be killed so that they can't harm people
What should you do if you see a bear out in the wild? face the bear with confidence (but not looking him in the eye) and slowly back away. Huddle together if you are in a group to make yourself look bigger. If a bear starts to run at you stay put but wave your arms and shout...if the bear doesn't stop
What should you do if you see a bear out in the wild?(cont) before it reaches you use whatever you have to punch the bear in the nose... aim for the face!
Do bears hibernate in the winter? no they experience dormancy which is a state of temporary inactivity
How are bears different from dogs bears like to live alone, dogs like companionship Bears can stand on 2 legs and walk, bears sit on their bottoms with their legs straight out in front of them, dogs sit on their back legs, dogs are digitigrades, bears are plantigrades
What is the Latin word for bear? Ursa
Is a bear a caniform? no
Created by: kjproverbs356