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Lab Safety

science experiment

whom should an accident or spill be reported to at school? Teacher or Adult
What should you wear when performing scientific activities? Googles, Apron, and Gloves
First aid kit used for cuts and burns
fire extinguisher used to put out fires
soap and water used to wash your hands and/or clean up
pot holder used to carry a hot item
Why can glass be a safety problem? It can easily be broken and you can get cut.
Why can eating or drinking be dangerous when performing scientific activities? you could put something toxic or poisonous in your mouth
Why shouldn't you play practical jokes or roughhouse when performing scientific activities? Accidents can be dangerous and people can get hurt
Why is it a good idea to tie back long hair or loose-fitting clothing when performing scientific activities? Your hair or clothes could cause an accident.
What is used for transferring small amounts of liquid? medicine dropper
What is worn to protect your eyes? cover googles
What enlarges the size of small objects? Hand lens/magnifying glass
What is used to store liquids? Florence Flask
What is used to store solutions? Erlenmeyer Flask
What is used for measuring or mixing liquids Beaker
What device is used for weighing? Balance
What frame or structure is used to hold test tubes? Test tube rack
What is used to measure the volume of liquids? Graduated cylinder
What holds liquids for observation or testing? Test tube
What device blocks openings? Stopper
What is used for grasping? Forceps
What instrument is used for measuring temperature? Thermometer
What assists in transferring liquids to containers with smaller openings? funnel
Created by: zackfolse