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Zoology Test

Units 1 and 2

What is a predator? An animal that chases, captures and eats other animals
What are digitigrades? Animals that walk on their toes
What are prey? The animals that are captured and eaten by other animals
Which dog is called the painted wolf? African wild dog
Why do some animals that have sharp teeth not eat meat? Their teeth are used for other things like the panda using his to peel bamboo shoots or bite into skins of fruits
What does opportunistic mean? When an animal changes its diet to adapt to the change in its surroundings.
How do you habituate an animal? By taking the time to slowly get closer and closer to them without causing them a threat.
What is the dog's keenest sense? smell
What is a recessive gene? one that is masked
What is a dominant gene? The one that "wins" and is visible in a living creature
What are the names of the dominant pair in a pack of dogs? alpha female and alpha male
What species does our domesticated dog come from? canis familiaris
What 2 groups is the order carnivora split into? caniforms and feliforms
Since all carnivora have teeth for grinding do they all eat meat? No
What do all animals in the order carnivora have in common? molars and premolars
Through what glands do animals communicate? scent
What is the epidermis? the outer layer of skin(mostly made of dead tissue)
What is the dermis? it is the layer of skin that is alive and contains gland-organs that make and release chemicals
What are the 4 different kinds of teeth mammals have? incisors, canines, molars, and premolars
How is a reptiles lower jaw different than that of a mammal? mammals can move their mouths up and down and back and forth unlike the reptile whose jaw works like the hinge on a door and only moves up and down.
Why is it not wise to feed wild animals? When the food is gone they may get aggressive and attack.
What is a farrier? a person who specifically cares for horses hooves
Even though a habituated animal may be used to certain people that does not mean that they are actually what? Tame animals
What are zoonotic diseases diseases that are transmitted between animals and people
What did Scientist Jane Goodall do? she was able to study chimpanzees through habituation for many years in Africa.
What is animal habituation? When scientists try to get animals used to them in order to study them in their own environment and study their normal behavior
Why can't different scientists come in once an animal or group of animals have been habituated? Because the animals get use to the sight, smell and sounds of individual people
According to Gen 1:29-31 What were the animals originally given to eat? green plants
What do you call someone who studies animals and their behavior, habitat and anatomy? a zoologist
Why would we call a zoo a "false habitat?" because animals do not behave the same way in a zoo that they would in the wild in their own habitat. They atdapt to their environment in the zoo therefore they adjust their normal behavior to their new surroundings .
What is another word for hooves? ungulates
What happened that changed what the animals originally ate in the beginning of the world? sin and death
The fact that some animals have been given camouflage by God to help them survive at the expense of others animals that do not survive is called what? natural selection
Created by: kjproverbs356