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Med-Surg ch27

Gastrointestinal Sys.

What's the role of the intestinal tract and accesory organs of digestion? purpose is for intake, absorption and assimilation of food to provide nourishment for the body.
Absorption the transfer of nutrients fromthe intestine into the blood stream.
What is the rhymmic squeezing action that moves food along the intestinal tract called? Peristalsis
This is the sum of many physical and chemical processes concerned with the disposition of absorbed nutrients? Metaboism
Anabloism metabolic activities that involves the systhesis of substances needed to build, maintain and repair body tissue
Catabolism this is the breakdown of larger molecules into smaller molecules so that energy is available
Name the 3 accessory organs of the digestive system? Liver, Pancreas, Gallbladder
Which accessory organ is not needed for the body to function? The Gallbladder
If what accessory organ is removed or becomes nonfunctional, would the patient need to be on Insulin and enzyme therapy for life? The Pancreas
What occurs when you get disorders of the GI system? You get malnutrition and a weakening of the immune system and less disease-fighting cells are made.
Which type of intestional tract problem causes bands of scar tissue that bind two anatomical surfaces together that are normally seperate and cause an obstruction? Postoperative Adhesions
What happens when you have contined irration and inflammation of the GI Muscosa? you may have intestianl bleeding and and increased peristalsis which may cause inadequate absorption of Nutrients
These intestinal disorders occur most often in the Jewish community and are due to genetic predispotion? Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
This Cancer has a familial tendency? Colon cancer
This type of cancer comes from eating foods that contain Nitrates or that have been charred? Esophageal & Stomach Cancers
People that have had chemotherapy develope what? A conditon called Sprue, which is a malabsorption problem
Which groups of people are predisposed to developing Gallstones because of their high secretion of Cholestrol in the Bile? Native Americans and Mexicans
What are the risk factors of stone formation in the Gallbladder? Liquid diets that produce fast weight loss, Obesity, having several kids, people with Diabetes Mellitus or Crohn's Disease
How to prevent Gallstones? watch your weight, avoid rapid weightloss, be active, low-fat and cholestrol diets
Virus attacks the Liver? Hepatitis B & C
This Virus has been shown to have a link to Liver and causes inflammation and damage to the tissue? Hepatitis Virus B & C
This drug, among many others, can be very toxic to the Liver and cause damage? Acetaminophen(Tylenol)
What other organism can cause damage to the liver(people wade in contominated water? Parasites
How can Liver disorders be avoided? get vaccine, limit alcohol intake, avoid toxic and carcinogenic chemicals,
Pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas
Which conditions have been found to have a link to pancreatitis? alcoholism, obstructive Cholelithiasis, Peptic Ulcers, Hyperlipidemia, and Trauma
Pancreatitic cancer risk factors include which conditions? Obesity, chronic pancreatitis, and Diabetes Mellitus, smoking
What is Diverticulosis? these are pockets that form along the colon wall and where waste material can lodge. Can be caused when the patient's diet is lacking in Fiber.
Whats the best way to help the digestion digestion? increase the patient mobility.
What test is perfomed to check the Colon for any abnormalities? regular and Virtual Colonoscopy(ck for allergies to dye's used)
What are the things to watch to patient for when they are undergoing a bowel prep for a diagnostic test? for signs of confusion, shortness of breath, weakness, muscle cramping, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance.
When a patient is having any kind of GI test what would there status be? NPO-nothing by mouth
Created by: VRoberts