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Lesson 7 de & sub

Lowering with Prefixes de and sub Lesson 7

The Latin prefix “de” has 3 meanings down, off of, and undo descend (down) derail (off of) delete (undo)
The Latin prefix “sub” means under and it can also mean below
subheading means a heading that is underneath another one
descend means to go down
submerge means to go under water or push down
dejected means to feel down
“ject” means throw
subside means to sink down such as a large wave
denominator means a number down below the line in a fraction
demote means to lower down in position or rank
decrease means to go down in size or number
The prefix "pro" means forward or up
The word prospect means to look forward to, or to look for gold, etc.
The prefix con means with or together
defeat means take down an enemy or foe
demolish to take down a building, etc.
deplete down in numbers, food, or whatever - down to nothing, ex. oil reserves were depleted
decline to turn down an offer or to go down in health for example
"tract" means to pull
subtract to pull down in number as in math
subdue to bring under control, quiet down
subsistence minimum amount to sustain life as in subsistence farming
Created by: dsweredoski