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gmat idioms examples


able to <ability to> No one has been able to prove that the person who wrote Shakespeare's plays was named Shakespeare.
Account for: We had to account for all the missing money.
access to The company has access to large capital reserves.
act as The poison pill in the contract acts as a preventative measure against hostile takeovers.
allows for The design of the robot arm allows for great flexibility.
as....as Chocolate tastes as good as ice cream.
associate with He associates beer with potato chips.
at least as..............as The Eiffel Tower is at least as tall as the Statue of Liberty.
attribute to The poor first quarter results are attributed to the restructuring.
a lot
a debate over
a responsibility to The CEO has a fiduciary responsibility to all shareholders.
a result of The recent NASDAQ decline is a result of higher interest rates.
a sequence of The Sumerian text was a sequence of incomprehensible symbols.
agree with The Teamsters do not agree with the Republicans on many issues.
among Used when discussing more than two items. He was the finest policeman among the hundreds of rookies.
as good as/or better than The new software is as good as or better than anything on the market
as great as The new house looks as great as I had hoped.
attend to (someone) The emergency room doctor attended to the injured victim.
attribute X to Y/X We attribute the results to the new management.
attributed to Y The extinction of the dinosaurs has been attributed to an asteroid collision.
based on The results are based on a comprehensive ten year study.
begin to He will begin to study twelve hours before the test.
believe X to be Y "After seeing the flying saucer, I believe UFOs to be a real phenomenon. "
between "Used when discussing two things (if there are more than two, then use among instead). He could not decide between Corn Flakes and Raisin Bran. "
Both.....and... He is both an artist and a rogue.
care about How much do business schools care about your score?
centers on + noun The GMAT centers on the knowledge of basic math and writing/reading skills.
choose to The number of students who choose to go to business school has increased in the last ten years.
consistent with Your grades are not consistent with your abysmal GMAT scores.
connection between I saw little connection between her words and her deeds.
consequence of One consequence of the Supreme Court decision was increased public distrust in the judicial system
contend that He contends that the GMAT has a cultural bias.
consider + noun How important do you consider the test? Consider as is incorrect
continue + to "If you continue to study, you will succeed. "
contrast A with B "If you contrast A with B, you can see the difference. "
convert to You may convert muscle to fat if you study too much.
compare A to B (Compare to stresses similarities). The music critic favorably compared him to Bob Dylan.
compare A with B (Compare with stresses differences). Broccoli is good for you compared with ice cream.
count on + noun He counts on management support.
concerned with They are concerned with investor relations more than actual profitability.
conform to "When you work at a new company, you should try to conform to its corporate culture. "
credit with James Joyce is often credited with the invention of the literary form called stream of consciousness.
decide to We decided to continue.
decide on We decided on the new format.
define as My dictionary defines a clause as group of words containing a subject and verb.
depend on The global economy depends on improving productivity.
different from The CAT is very different from the paper and pencil GMAT.
difficult to Many students find the CAT difficult to take.
dispute over This idiom applies only when dispute is used as a noun 2. The dispute over how to read the punch cards was never properly resolved.
distinguish between X and Y Distinguish between domestic and international production.
distinguish X from Y Juries must attempt to distinguish truth from falsehood.
depends on whether Our place in the playoffs depends on whether we win tonight.
to be + essential to + noun Speed is essential to success in the Internet marketplace.
except for "He did well on the GMAT, except for the sentence correction questions "
Either....or... Today I will either look for a job or watch the Boston marathon on TV.
.-er than Winston Churchill was a better dancer than Neville Chamberlain ever was.
extent to which You should appreciate the extent to which the same idioms repeatedly appear on the GMAT.
estimate to be "The oldest cave paintings known to exist are estimated to be over 50,000 years old."
flee from The convict fled from the country.
forbid to I was forbidden to discuss politics at the dinner table
From...to... "From the Redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters, this land was made for you and me."
grow from Dell Computer grew from a start- up to a Fortune 500 company in less than fifteen years.
grow out of "Needless to say, they quickly grew out of their first office. "
help + noun + to Their direct business model helped them to grow rapidly.
indicate that Dell's recent stock trouble may indicate that their growth will not continue to be as rapid.
invest in He is too risk-averse to invest in the stock market
identical with His DNA is identical with his twin's.
in contrast to "The candidate claims to support tax cuts, in contrast to his prior statements. "
independent from The Federal Reserve Board is supposed to be independent from political considerations.
indifferent towards Some countries are indifferent towards human rights.
in danger of Conservationists fear that the West Indian manatee is in danger of becoming extinct
just as....so too "Just as sand flows through an hourglass, so too flow the days of our lives"
leads to Rapid growth often leads to problems.
like Usually only used for direct comparison: He walks like Joe walks
localized in Most Internet venture capital is localized in a few areas of the world
mistake + noun + for I mistook you for an old friend.
modeled after The judicial building is modeled after the Parthenon.
more than ever Companies demand MBA graduates now more than ever.
native to There is a unique business culture native to the U.S.
a native of It infects those who are not even a native of America.
need to Living in New York City is an experience everyone needs to try.
to be + necessary + to It is necessary to get a high GMAT score to get into Stanford.
neither...nor Neither Tom nor Sam has the necessary skills to finish the job.
Not.....but<rather. Merely>..... It's not a bother but rather an honor to serve you.
not only...but also "Stanford not only has the highest GMAT average, but also the highest GPA. "
not so....as It's not so bad as it seems
.not so much......as The company's recent success is due not so much to better management as to an improved economy
number "Also note that on the GMAT “the number of"" will always be singular, while ""a number of will"" always be plural." The number of stars in our galaxy is huge A number of guests are waiting in the foyer
Odds with
opposition to There has been far less opposition in the United States than in Europe to the use of genetically modified foods.
perceive as I didn't mean for my comments to be perceived as criticism.
prohibit from + gerund You are prohibited from using a calculator on test day.
potential to "A graduate of a top business school has the potential to make over $100,000. "
range from X to Y The GMAT scores at top business schools will range from 650 to 750.
refer to "If you have any more questions, you should refer to a grammar book. "
regard as Wharton's finance program is regarded as the finest in the world.
require + noun + to You require a GMAT score to go to most U.S. business schools.
rivalry between X and Y The rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is one of the most celebrated in professional sports.
resistance to Stress can lower one's resistance to cold and flu viruses
responsible for The manager is responsible for seven entry level employees.
retroactive to The tax policy change is retroactive to last year.
same as I got the same score as he did.
save for "Save for William, no one else passed the exam. "
save from Many people use business school to save them from dull jobs.
seem to He seemed to be at a loss for words
so that "So should not be used as an adjective: GMAT preparation is so... boring. Use it with ""that."" This guide is designed so that you may raise your score. "
subscribe to Business school students should subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.
superior to Superman's powers are clearly superior to those of Batman.
target at I sometimes suspect that beer ads are targeted at morons
tie to The contract should be tied to concessions.
to sacrifice X for Y
to contrast X with Y
the same to X as to Y
the -er.....the-er "The bigger they come,the harder they fall,or so I have heard."
transmit to The communications system will transmit to anyone within range.
try to Try to write a short story based on your travel experiences
used + infinitive Japan used to be the model industrial economy.
to be + used to + gerund "After five practice tests, he was used to the GMAT CAT format. "
.use as "Lacking cooking implements, we used one of the car's hubcaps as a makeshift pan. "
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