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Amplifier Basics 1-5


What is Amplifier Coupling? Allows the cascading (connecting in series) of amplifiers to transfer energy (signals) from one stage to another.
Into which groups are amplifiers classified? Function and Frequency Response.
How do you get maximum power on amplifier coupling? Match the impedances.
Why is Transformer Coupling used? It provides excellent impedance matching with increased gain.
What does adding a parallel capacitor accomplish in Transformer Coupling? Gives Selectivity.
What is the least used method of Amplifier Coupling? Impedance Coupling
In RC Coupling, what is the coupling element? The capacitor
Describe the RC Time of Cc and Rb in relation to the input signal. The RC time of Cc and Rb is LONG to the input signal.
What type of coupling provides the best frequency response? Direct Coupling
What is the process of coupling a portion of the output signal back to the input of an amplifier for control called? Feedback
What are the CLASSES of feedback? Positive and Negative
What is another word for positive feedback? Regenerative
What is another word for negative feedback? Degenerative
What are the TYPES of feed back? Voltage, Current, and Combination.
What is an Open Loop? A system without feedback.
What is Closed Loop? A system with feedback.
What is the equation for Gain Without Feedback? Av = Vout / Vin
What is the equation for Gain With Feedback? Af = Av / (1- Av * B)
What is B in the Gain With Feedback (Af) equation? B = feedback facotor
What is Shunt Voltage Feedback Feedback applied IN PARALLEL with input signal.
What are the types of audio amplifiers? Single-Ended, Push-Pull, and Complementary Symmetry Push-Pull.
Which Class should single-ended audio amplifiers operate in? Class A
Which type of audio amplifier is identified with two transistors? Push-Pull
Which Class should a Push-Pull audio amplifier operate in? Class AB
What are Phase Splitters and Phase Inverters? Circuits that provide two signals equal in amplitude and opposite in polarity. And are used to drive Push-Pull audio amplifiers.
What type of amplifier is used when maximum power and gain are required? Transformer
What type of amplifier is used when good frequency response is required. Single-Stage/Split-Load Phase Inverter
What type of amplifier is used when high power output and fidelity are required. Complimentary-Symmetry Push-Pull
Why is negative feedback used? To improve frequency response.
What is an Oscillator? A circuit that generates an AC signal at a frequency determined by the value of its components and at a constant peak amplitude.
What are the basic components of an oscillator? Frequency Determining Network (FDN), Amplifier, Feedback.
What are the types of oscillators? Armstrong, Hartley, Colpitts, RC Phase Shift.
The ability of crystals to generate an electric field is called? Pizo Electric Effect
What are the two types of Hartley Oscillators? Series Fed and Shunt Fed.
How is an Armstrong Oscillator identified? Tickler Coil
How is an Hartley Oscillator identified? Split inductors
How is an Colpitts Oscillator identified? Split capacitors
How is an RC Phase Shift Oscillator identified? Resistors and Capacitors.
The amount of Phase Shift in an RC Phase Shift Oscillator is determined by: Ratio of resistance to Xc.
What is the voltage at which a sudden increase in a reverse current across a PN junction occurs? Breakdown Voltage
What is the Zener Effect? Breakdown below 5 volts.
What is the Avalanch Effect? Breakdown above 5 volts.
What does a Zener Diode do? Acts as a Voltage Regulator.
What is the formula for Capacitance in a Varactor Diode? C = kA / d
What does JFET stand for? Junction Field Effect Transistor
What is a JFET transisitor's normal state? On
How do you stop current through a JFET transistor? Apply voltage to the Gate.
What does the JFET Transistor use to control current flow? An Electrostatic Field.
What type of signal do Rectifiers output? Pulsating DC
What type of input signal do rectifiers receive? AC
A signal being converted from AC to DC moves through which devices? Transformer, Rectifier, Filter, Regulator, Load.
In a Half-Wave Rectifier what is the formula for Average Voltage? Eavg = (Epeak * .636) / 2
Why are bleeder resistors used? SAFETY of equipment and personnel, and to PREVENT ELECTRICAL SHOCK.
What is REGULATION? When you keep the voltage constant.
Created by: usnavyati