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Diseases & Findings

USMLE Quizlet

Anasarca Minimal changes diseases
Addison's Disease Primary Adrenocortical deficiency
AFP Increase neural tube defects malignancy
Amnion nodosum renal agenesis
Aneurysmal nodules Polyarteritis nodosa
Anosmia Kallman's Syndrome
Anterior vermian atrophy alcoholism
Arachnodactyly Marfan's
Arnold Chiary Malformation Cerebellar tonsil herniation
Atypical lymphocytes EBV
Bacterial conjunctivitis pathogens S. aureus; strep. Pneumo; hemophilus aegyptius
Barrett's esophagus columnar metaplasia of lower esophagus; risk of adenocarcinoma
Basophilic stippling of RBC lead poisoning
Bell's Palsy CN7; could be from lyme's and herpes
Berger's disease IgA nephropathy
Berry Aneurysm circle of Willies (subarachnoid bleed)
Bilateral breast cancer lobular carcinoma
Bilateral renal cell carcinoma von Hippo Lindau
Bloody nipple discharge Intraductal papilloma
Boot shaped heart Tetralogy of Fallot
Boutonniere's deformity Rheumatoid arthritis
Broca's aphasia 1. motor aphasia; 2. comprehension intact
Bronchiolitis RSV
Brudzinski's sign meningitis; flex the neck and legs
Buerger's Disease acute inflammation of small and medium arterities; painful ischemia
Burkitt's lumphoma EBV, small non-cleaved cell lumphonma
Cardiomegaly with apical atrophy Chaga's disease
Chaga's disease characteristcs Trypanosoma cruzei; sleeping disease
Caisson Disease gas emboli
Carbon monoxide poisoning Hyperemia all over body; edema and necrosis of globus pallidus
Painless Chancre 1st stage syphilis; painless firm ulcer
Cherry-red spot on macula Tay-sachs; 50% of Miemann-pick
Cheyne-stokes Breathing Cerebral lesion
Chocolate cysts endometriosis
Cholestrerole clefts atherosclerosis
Chordae tendinae short and fused Rheumatic heart disease
Chvostek's Sign Hypocalcemia facial spasm in tetany; facial nerve (CN7) involvement
Clue cells Gargnerella vaginalis; trichomonas
Codman's triangle osteosarcoma
Coin lesion in the lung pulmonary harmartoma
Cold thyroid nodules colloid cyst or thyroid adenoma
Concentric laminar intima fibrosis of the small arteries of lung Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
Condyloma lata Secondary syphilis
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia 21-hydroxylase deficiency; virilism: virilism; no cortisol; salt loss; hypotension
Conn's Syndrome primary aldosteronism
Cori's disease glycogen storage disease
Cotton wood spots hypertension
Creutzfeldt-jakob disease Prion infection; cerebellar and cerebral degeneration
Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Congenital hyperbiliraubinemia
Crohn's Disease Skip lesion; ileocecum; granulomas; lymphocytic infiltrate
Ulcerative colitis limited to colon; colon cancer risk
Croup parainfluenza virus
Depigmentation of substantia nigra Parkinson's disease
DiGeorges Syndrome Thymic hypoplasia; T-cell deficiency
Dopamine receptors Schizophrenia
Double bubble sign on ultra sound Down syndrome; duodenal atresia
Dressler's syndrome Post MI fibrinous pericarditis
Ectopia lentis Marfan's
Edward's Syndrome Trysomy 18; rocker-bottom; low ears; heart disease
Ewing's Sarcoma undifferentiated round-cell bone tumor
Fanconi's syndrome impaired proximal tubular reabsorption secondary to lead poisoning or tetracycline
Fanconi's syndrome characteristics glycosuria;hyperphosphaturia; aminoaciduria; systemic acidosis
FAT RN TTP (Fever; Anemia; Thrombocytopenia; Renal failure; Neuro problems)
Appendicitis Fecalith
Felty's syndrome RNs (rheumatoid arthritis; neutropenia; splenomegaly)
Frontal bossing Sickle Cell anemia
Fungal balls in lung aspergillus
Gaucher's Disease Lysosomal Storage Disease; anemia; hepatosplenomegaly; glucocerebrosidase deficiency;
Gilbert's Syndrome benign congenital hyperbilirubinemia (unconjugated)
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Deficiency of dystrophin protein; X-linked recessive
Guillain-Barre Idiopathic polyneuritis (ascending muscle weakness and paralysis; usually self limiting)
Hashimoto's thyroiditis autoimmune hypothyroidism
Bouchard's node osteoarthritis (PIP)
Heberden's nodes Osteoarthritis (DIP)
Heinz Bodies; non-immune hemolytic anemia G6PD Deficiency
Henoch-Schonlein purpura hypersensivity vasculitis
Hereditary spherocytosis RBC cytoskeleton deficit; most commonly Spectrin
Heterophil antibodies indicates what disease infectious mono
Hirschprung's disease aganglionic megacolon
HLA-b27 Ankylosing spondylitis; psoriasis; IBD; Reiter's syndrome
Honeycomb lung Pulmonary fibrosis
Horner's syndrome ptosis; miosis; anhidrosis (lesion of cervical sympathetic nerves often secondary to Pancoast tumor)
Huntington's Disease Progressive degeneration of caudate nucleus; putamen & frontal cortex; Alzheimer's
Hyaline thrombi TTP
Hypersegmented PMN megaloblastic anemia
hypochromic mycrocytic RBCs iron deficiency anemia
IgM against IgG Rheumatoid factor
Dopamine receptors Parkinson's
Kaposi's sarcoma malignant vascular tumor (HHV8 in homosexual men)
Kaussmaul Breathing acidosis
kawasaki Disease Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome
Kernig's sign meningitis
Keyser-fleischer ring Wilson's disease; copper build-up
Klinefelter's Syndrome 47 pairs; XXY
Defervescence body temperature abatement; maculopapular rash with defervescence
Eggshell calcification of lymph Nodes Silicosis; coal workers' pneumoconiosis
EKG for pericardial effusion varying T-wave; axis change every other beat; wandering baseline
SIADH First line treatment Restrict free water
Tuberculosis CXR cavitary lesions involving upper lobes
Buccal Mucosa sore 1CM in smokers; can't be rubbed off leukoplakia; oral cancer
First response Immunoglobulin for infections IgM
Pansystolic murmur usually indicates cordae tendonae rupture of a valve
Magnesium toxicity Calcium gluconate
Migraine headache nerve trigeminal
Blow out fracture at the ER immediate Ophthalmologist consult
Metabolic acidosis therapy ethanol, hemodialysis, supportive therapy
Lachman's sign ACL Tear; anterior drawer test
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