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Physio II

Lab quiz 2-Small intestine, protein digestion, H2O absorption

What is the small intestine mostly responsible for? digestion and absorption
How long are the duodenum, jejunum, ileum 10", 8', 12'
What are the four layers of the wall of the SI mucosa, submucosa, muscularis externa, serosa
Where does most digestion take place the SI
What is the main source of digestive enzymes pancreas
What are the specializations of the mucosa and submucosa plicae circularis or valves of Kerckrings (3x size increase) villi (10x) microvilli (20x)
What disease causes serious decrease in surface area celiac disease-no villi
What is a lacteal a central lymphatic duct in each villus for removal of intestinal lymph
What types of fatts go through the lacteal first chylomicrons
What vessles supply the stomach and spleen, intestine and pancreas, intestine celiac a, sup mesent a, inf mesent a
What arteries supply the liver Hepatic & portal
What vein leaves the liver hepatic v
How do lipophilic molecules cross cell membrane simple diffusion
How do hydrophilic molecules cross the cell membrane special transport systems such as channels or carriers
What is secondary active transport driven by the Na+ gradient
What is primary active transport driven by metabolic energy
How can some large cells enter the cell by endocytosis
What activates pepsinogen acid
What activates trypsinogen intestinal protease enterokinase
T/F all luminal proteases are endopeptidases T
What is the function of pepsin not very important for protein digestion, acts only on aromatic AAs, inactivated as soon as chyme enters duod
Where does the final breakdown into absorbable units occur in the brush border and catalyzed enzymes bound to the brush border membrane = contact digestion
Where are proteins digested stomach
Where are proteases digested lumen of SI
Where are polypeptides and AAs digested brush border of SI
Where are AAs, dipeptides, tripeptides digested enterocytes
Name the 5 zymogens trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen, proelastase, procarboxypeptidase A & B-the inactive forms
Where is absorption of proteins usually completed mid jejunum, not totally complete until all di/tripeptides are taken up into the cell
Where do proteins in the colon come from largely from intestinal bacteria and sloughed off cells that are egested
What is the daily water intake 1.5-2 L
What % of water intake is from solid food 80%
Where does most of the H2O absorption take place SI
Which tubes in the experiment had the most protein hydrolysis 1ml .03 % boiled protease & ice cold protease
What color indicates a positive test for protein digestion dark blue
Under what conditions is protease most effective 37 degrees C and 5-6pH
What color indicates a neg protein digestion test light blue
What is the vitamin required in AA metab B6
Where is pepsin inactivated the pancreas
What prevents pancreatic proteases from digesting the pancreas trypsin inhibitor( inhibits trypsinogen)
Created by: sparklefarkle84