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a&p chap4 prac quiz

A single layer of square-like cells describes which of the following tissues? simple cuboidal epithelium
Which of the following cell types would be found in places such as the kidneys or the secretory portions of glands? simple cuboidal epithelium
A single layer of flat scale-like cells with a centrally located nucleus describes simple squamous epithelium.
________________ is found lining the intestines and is important in the secretion and absorption of substances. Simple columnar epithelium
_____________ is found lining the upper respiratory passages and may include specialized mucus secreting goblet cells. Pseudostritified columnar epithelium
_______________ is found lining the urinary bladder and is specialized to stretch and return to its original shape. Transitional epithelium
Elastic connective tissue is formed by ________, which secretes collagen and elastin proteins that form the matrix. fibroblasts
Cells that are active in the breakdown of a connective tissue will have the suffix _______. -clast
The matrix of bone is formed in circular layers called lamellae
The ________ are the spaces in which the ostocytes of bone reside. lacunae
The membranes of the body are formed from epithelium and connective tissues.
The cells that support the nervous system are referred to as _______. neuroglia
The muscle tissue(s) that can be characterized as striated and involuntary is/are ________. cardiac muscle
The muscle tissue(s) that can be characterized as striated and voluntary is/are ________. skeletal muscle
Intercalated disks are contained in cardiac muscle.
The membranes that line the joints of the body are referred to as synovial membranes.
The membranes that line the cavities of the body and the internal organs are referred to as serous membranes.
_________ is the connective tissue responsible for the storage of fat. Adipose
_____________ is a specialized connective tissue located in the intervertebral disks to absorb shock. Fibrocartilage
Blood is classified as connective tissue.
Tissues that cover the body surface and line body cavities are _______ tissues. epithelial
Simple _______ epithelium occurs where diffusion, osmosis, and filtration are important functions within body organs. squamous
The upper respiratory passages are lined with ________ epithelium. pseudostratified ciliated columnar
The mouth, esophagus, and vagina are lined with nonkeratinized ________ epithelium. stratified squamous
Ligaments and tendons are composed of _________ connective tissue, which contains densely packed ________ fibers providing strength and flexibility. fibrous; collagenous
The connective tissue that helps insulate the body, cushions internal organs, and stores excess nutrient energy is ________ tissue. adipose
_________ cartilage covers bone surfaces in joints and attaches ribs to the breastbone. Hyaline
The cartilage containing short rows of chondrocytes between tightly packed collagenous fibers is fibrocartilage
The connective tissue with a matrix of calcium salts and a few collagenous fibers is bone.
In compact bone, the bone matrix is deposited in concentric rings around ________, and _________ serve as passageways for materials to move between osteocytes in lacunae. osteonic canals; canaliculi
Cells of ________ muscle tissue have striations plus multiple nuclei, and this tissue is _______ in function. skeletal; voluntary
Cells of _______ muscle tissue are striated with a single nucleus, and this tissue is _________ in function. cardiac; involuntary
________ are cells of ________ tissue which are specialized to form and transmit impulses. Neurons; nerve
The epithelial membranes lining the ventral body cavity are _______ membranes. serous
The fibrous membranes lining joint cavities are _________ membranes. connective tissue
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