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Miss F 1st Fem Nouns

ala a wing
aqua water
aquila an eagle
avia a grandmother
bestia a beast/monster
blatta a moth
casa a cottage/hut
cena dinner/supper
cochlea a snail
columba a dove
corona a crown
culina a kitchen
epistola a letter
fibula a story
familia a family/household
femina a woman
fenestra a window
flamma a fire/flame
forma a shape
formica an ant
fossa a ditch
furca a fork
gallina a hen
hasta a spear
hedera ivy
insula an island
janua a door
luna the moon
mensa a table
oliva an olive
patella a plate
pecunia money
perna ham
pica a magpie
porta a gate
puella a girl
rana a frog
regia a palace/castle
regina a queen
Roma Rome
rosa a rose
rota a wheel
sagitta an arrow
scaena a stage
sella a chair
simia a monkey
stella a star
terra land/the earth
Troja Troy
unda a wave
via a street/road/way
villa a house
Created by: hs2k_lanza