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2010-07-15 #1.1

Comparison between Ulcerative colitis & Crohn's disease

more common in whites than blacks; no sex predilection both: ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
smoking as risk factor Crohn's disease
limited to mucosa and submucosa ulcerative colitis
ileum and colon; involves mouth to anus; rectum spared: Dx? Crohn's disease
rectum; continuous into left colon; not involve other areas of GIT: Dx? ulcerative colitis
inflammatory pseudopolyps; friable, bloody residual mucosa; free hanging mesentery: Dx? ulcerative colitis
thick bowel wall; narrow lumen; skip lesions, strictures, fistulas; linear ulcer; cobblestone pattern mucosa; fat creeping around serosa: Dx? Crohn's disease
crypt abscesses containing neutrophil; ulcer; dysplasia: Dx? ulcerative colitis
noncaseating granuloma; lymphoid aggregates; X dysplasia: Dx? Crohn's disease
Rx: ulcerative colitis? ASA preparations (sulfasalazine); infliximab; colectomy
Rx: Crohn's disease? corticosteroids; infliximab
infliximab both ulcerative colitis & Crohn's disease
string sign in terminal ileum from luminal narrowing by inflammation; fistulas Crohn's disease
"lead pipe" appearance in chronic disease: Dx? Why "lead pipe"? ulcerative colitis; loss of haustra > "lead pipe" appearance
bloody diarrhea; recurrent left-sided abdominal cramping: Dx? ulcerative colitis: rectum and left colon
bloody diarrhea; recurrent right lower quadrant colikcy pain: Dx? Crohn's disease: diarrhea could be watery or bloody
extraintestinal manifestations in ulcerative colitis? pyoderma gangrenosum; primary sclerosing cholangitis (UC > CD)
extraintestinal manifestations in Crohn's disease? migratory polyarthritis; erythema nodosum; ankylosing spondylitis; uveitis; immunologic disorders
stricture; fistula; perianal disease; malabsorption(X bile salt); macrocytic anemia(X B12): Dx? Crohn's disease: colon carcinoma (UC > CD)
toxic megacolon; colorectal adenocarcinoma: Dx? ulcerative colitis
common extragastrointestinal manifestations; contrast? primary sclerosing cholangitis (UC > CD); erythema nodosum; iritis (CD > UC); pyoderma gangrenosum; HLA27 association: UC with arthritis but CD with sarcollitis
Created by: mataos



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