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Herpes simplex virus type 1 primarily causes lesions where? On the mouth
Herpes simplex virus type 2 primarily causes lesions where? In the genital region
What is the term for disease-producing microorganisms? Pathogenic
What type of bacteria require oxygen to grow? Aerobes
What type of organisms can grow in the presents or absence of oxygen? Facultative anaerobes
What is the most resistant form of bacterial life? Spores
Who is refered to as the "Father of Microbiology"? Louis Pateur
Most viral diseases can unfortunately only be treated how? Symptomatically
Which type of Hepatitis cannot replicate itself without the presence of Hepatitis B? Hepatitis D
Which virus causes infectious mononucleosis? Epstein-Barr
What tissues are effected by the West Nile virus? Nervous system
What disease is also known as "lock jaw"? Tetanus
What is another term for a global disease outbreak? Pandemic
What microorganism is used as the benchmark for the effectiveness of a surface disinfectant? Tuberculosis
What is the leading cause of death from infectious disease worldwide? Tuberculosis
What is a hidden virus during the latent period refered to as? Provirus
Created by: TiffanyRAW