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ChinesePod: LT, SBTG

Vocabulary from Love Triangle and Saved by the Gong

离谱 lípǔ ridiculous
秦始皇 Qínshǐhuáng the first emperor of China
征服 zhēngfú to conquer, subdue, vanquish
战国 Zhànguó Warring States Period
建立 jiànlì to establish
封建王朝 fēngjiàn wángcháo feudal dynasty
课代表 kèdàibiào class leader, class representative
严肃 yánsù serious, solemn
货币 huòbì currency
修建 xiūjiàn to build, construct
建筑 jiànzhù building
陵墓 língmù tomb, mausoleum
捣乱 dǎoluàn to disturb, look for trouble, intentionally bother
焚书坑儒 fénshūkēngrú "burn books and bury scholars" -- crime committed by Qinshihuang
稳固 wěngù to stabilize
暴君 bàojūn tyrant
崇拜 chóngbài to worship
纪律 jìlǜ discipline
朝代 cháodài dynasty
秦朝 Qíncháo Qin dynasty
儒家 Rújiā Confucian school of thought
残暴 cánbào ruthless
功绩 gōngjì contribution
出差 chūchāi to go on a business trip
手机游戏 shǒujī yóuxì cell phone games
不对劲儿 bù duìjìnr off, slightly incorrect or suspicious
外面有人 wàimian yǒu rén to “have somebody on the side”
莫名其妙 mòmíngqímiào baffling, inexplicable
欺负 qīfu to bully, pick on
当成 (把X当成Y) dàngchéng to treat as (treat X as Y)
短信 duǎnxìn text message
隐私 yǐnsī privacy, private matter
见不得人 jiànbude rén unpresentable > shameful, disgraceful
勾当 gòudàng shady business
过分 guòfèn excessive, undue, overly; too much
píng to lean against, rely/depend on; proof; be based on
怀疑 huáiyí to doubt, suspect; skeptical; doubt, suspicion
婚外情 hūnwàiqíng extramarital love affair
情趣 qíngqù (romantic) appeal, interest
xián to dislike, be bothered by
老实 lǎoshí credulousness; honest
垃圾短信 lājī duǎnxìn spam text message
疑神疑鬼 yíshényíguǐ to be filled with suspicion
外遇 wàiyù an affair
第三者 dìsānzhě the “other man/woman”
出轨 chūguǐ to go off the rails
背叛 bèipàn to betray
多疑 duōyí suspicious, distrustful
戴绿帽子 dài lǜmàozi to be a cuckold
统一 tǒngyī to unify, unite, integrate
Created by: chibitrochan
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