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Bipolar Test 3

Bipolar-Depression & Mania

Bipolar I disorder client has at least one episode of mania alternating with major depression
Bipolar II disorder client has repeated hypomanic episodes alternating with major depressive episodes
Cyclothymia client has at least 2 years of repeated hypomanic episodes alternating with minor depressive episodes
Mania an abnormally elevated mood, which may also be described as expansive or irritable; usually requires inpatient treatment.
Hypomania a less severe episode of mania that last at least 4 days accompanied by three or four symptoms of mania. Hospitalization is not required, and client is less impaired
Mixed episode a manic episode and an episode of major depression experienced by the client simultaneously. Client has marked impairment in fx and may require admission to prevent self-harm or other directed violence
Rapid cycling four or more episodes of acute mania within 1 year
Etiology of Bipolar Genetics; Biochemical (norepi, dopamine, serotonin); Hypothyroidism (especially in rapid cycling)
Comorbidity Factors of bipolar Substance abuse, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, ADHD
Major depressive order a depressed mood or loss of interest in things that used to make you happy. Must have an impairment. Major depression has NO mania and is not caused by meds.
Dysthymic disorder depression but milder form and no psychotic features
Continuum of Depression Transient (not dysfunctional), Mild (associated with normal grieving), Moderate (more problematic), Severe (intensification, low suicide risk due to no energy but thoughts are consumed with it)
Bipolar depression is caused by.. deficiency of norepi, dopamine, and serotonin
Bipolar mania is caused by... increase of norepi and dopamine while serotonin remains the same
Common psychopharmacology for depression SSRI (prozac)
Never give _________ to a child/adolescent Paxil, use of singulair is rare due to increased risk of suicide
ECT therapy used on the severely depressed and very suicidal client. S/E: confusion and memory loss
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