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pre-intermediate chinese vocab

参谋 can1 mou = to give advice
开业 kai1 ye4 = to start business
一律 yi2 lv4 = without exception
打折 da3 zhe2 = to discount
探亲 tan4 qin1 = to go home to visit one's family
拿定主意 na2 ding4 zhu3 yi = to make up one's mind
主意 zhu3 yi = idea
在行 zai4 hang2 = to know something well
实惠 shi2 hui4 = useful, economical
用具 yong4 ju4 = utensils
电饭锅 dian4 fan4 guo1 = rice cooker
微波炉 wei1 bo1 lu2 = microwave oven
倒车 dao3 che1 = to change trains or buses
用品 yong4 pin3 = articles for use
被罩 bei4 zhao4 = quilt cover
被炉 bei4 lu2 = a kind of Japanese table
关节炎 guan1 jie2 yan2 = arthritis
除非 chu2 fei1 = unless
节俭 jie2 jian3 = frugal
舍得 she3 de = not to grudge
高档 gao1 dang4 = high-grade
吓一跳 xia4 yi2 tiao4 = to scare
ding3 = to equal
心疼 xin1 teng2 = to feel sorry for
故意 gu4 yi4 = on purpose
过季 guo4 ji4 = out of date
接受 jie1 shou4 = to accept
Created by: mencius
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