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pre-intermediate chinese vocab

款式 kuan3 shi4 = style
适合 shi4 he2 = to fit
hao4 = size
上市 shang4 shi4 = to appear on the market
大方 da4 fang = tasteful, generous
做工 zuo4 gong1 = workmanship
精细 jing1 xi4 = fine
名牌 ming2 pai2 = famous brand
风衣 feng1 yi1 = windbreaker, trench coat
纯毛 chun2 mao2 = pure wool
dang3 = to keep out
专门 zhuan1 men2 = special, technical
干洗 gan1 xi3 = to dry-clean
化纤 hua4 xian1 = chemical fiber
面料 mian4 liao4 = material for making clothes
fang2 = to prevent
质地 zhi4 di4 = quality
结实 jie1 shi = durable
缩水 suo1 shui3 = to shrink after washing
起皱 qi3 zhou = to wrinkle
熨烫 yun4 tang4 = to iron
尺寸 chi3 cun4 = size
规定 gui1 ding4 = to stipulate
标签 biao1 qian1 = tag, label
身高 shen1 gao1 = height (of a person)
胸围 xiong1 wei2 = chest measurement
身材 shen1 cai2 = figure
型号 xing2 hao4 = type, model
条纹 tiao2 wen2 = streak, stripe
da3 = to knot
领带 ling3 dai4 = tie
格子 ge2 zi = checkered, plaid
袜子 wa4 zi = socks
时髦 shi2 mao2 = fashionable
搭配 da1 pei4 = to match
品位 pin3 wei4 = taste
gua1 = to shave
吹风 chui1 feng1 = to dry one's hair
风度翩翩 feng1 du4 pian1 pian1 = handsome
亭亭玉立 ting2 ting2 yu4 li4 = beautiful woman
明星 ming2 xing1 = a (movie) star
指指点点 zhi3 zhi3 dian3 dian3 = gesticulate
在乎 zai4 hu = to mind
形象 xing2 xiang4 = image
场合 chang3 he2 = occasion
一番 yi4 fan1 = do something for a long time
眼光 yan3 guang1 = sight
Created by: mencius
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