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Chemo kills all fast acting cells, so what decreases WBC count
What is the leading cause of sdeath in the US Coronay Artery Disease (CAD)
What is the second leading cause of death in the US Cancer
Why is a benign tumor still life threatening It can grow too large and block or kill organs, etc
Some risk factors for cancer are lifestyle, family, work hx and diet
What is a build up of placque in the arteries artherosclerosis
What is a lack of O2 to the heart muscle called angina
What is the primary goal in an angina attack get O2 to the organ
Which tests will tell you the extent of damage to the heart cardiac enzymes, ie troponin, ck, cpk
Crackles in the lungs are a classic sign of what (L) sided heart failure
What is the most common side effect after an MI (myocardial Infarction) Dysrythmias
What is a classic sign in the body of heart failure Jugular Vein Distention (JVD)
What is a bulging mass in the LU abd Abdominal Aortic Aneurism (AAA)
An AAA is the weakening and buldging of the abdominal Aorta
What is the most common symptom of an AAA Abdominal Pain
How is an AAA dx arteriogram
What is the most dangerous S/E of an AAA before surgery Rupture
What is a main factor or cause of AAA’s Hypertension (HTN)
Cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart muscle, leads to heart failure
What is the only treatment for cardiomyopathy Heart Transplant
After a heart catheterization you would assess the pulse, site, bleeding, increase fluids to flush the dye and I/O’s
What describes anginal pain tightness/heaviness/crushing pain in the chest
What is the main cause of chest pain Lack of O2
What type of catheter would you do when you want to biopsy or fix something PTCA
Which part of the heart is a death sentence if it goes haywire ventricle, ie V-Fib/V-Tach
Which vein are vericose veins most prevalent Sapphenous
What are two symptoms of vericos veins pain and fatigue in the effected extremetie(s)
What do we do to get rid of vericose veins stripping and ligation
What is the most common cause of vericose veins pregnancy
What would you not want to do with vericose veins wear tight fitting clothing
What is the most common cause of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Immobility
Some signs of (L) sided heart failure are crackles in the lungs, pulmonary edema and pink frothy sputum
If you were to walk in on a pt with pink frothy sputum what would your first step be Call for help
If you walked into a pt’s room after a heart catheterization and they were lying in a puddle of blood, what would your first step be place a gloved hand under them to assess for bleeding
How do we test to see how much O2 and CO2 we have in our blood, and what our PH/bicarb level is Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)
COPD pt’s retain CO2, this makes them acidotic
COPD = CO2 = aCidOtic
In order to care for a TB pt, what do you need to do first be fitted for a formed mask to protect from droplets
When we have the flu the doc will prescribe fluids, rest and no antibiotics
When we are wheezing it is because our airways are constricted
What is the O2 giving method that has the most O2% given rebreather mask
What pt would you not use a rebreather mask for COPD
If we have a pt with a pulmonary embolism (clot in the lungs) what medication would we give them anticoagulant
What is the antagonist for Heparin Protamite Sulfate
What is the antagonist for Coumadin Vitamin K
What should you monitor on your pt before and during treatment when giving Heparin PTT
What should you monitor prior to and during treatment with Coumadin (Warfarin) PT and INR
If you are caring for a cancer pt who is receiving external radiation, what should you not do wash off their markings for the radiation
When a pt is receiving external radiation, we should take care not to bother what due to the fact that it will be a burn and painful radiation site
When a pt has a chest tube helping to keep their lungs from collapsing, how would you care for the canister placed on the floor, don’t empty, make sure the ball and water are moving, and keep hemostats at all times to clamp the tube in the case it dislodges from the chest
Who should get an annual flu shot anybody who is immunosuppressed or works closely with the general public
With a resp patient, how would we place them in the bed for maximum airway clearance high fowlers position
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