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D ooge Vocab L. I-VI

Vocab. for Lessons I-VI for Benjamin D'ooge's Latin for Beginners

silva forest
pulchra beautiful, pretty
fera a wild beast
nuntiat announces, is announcing, does announce
corona crown, wreath, garland
bona good
mala bad, wicked
dat gives, is giving, does give
quia, quod because
necat kills, is killing, does kill
sola alone
puella girl
iniuria wrong, injury
fuga flight
terra land
magna large, great
mea my
non not
portat carries, is carrying, does carry
et and
sagitta arrow
cui to whom? for whom?
ancilla maidservant
pugna battle
tua your
pecunia money
cuius whose?
fabula story
aqua water
parva small, little
nauta sailor
est is
quis who?
narrat tells
cur why
filia daughter
dea goddess
amat loves, is loving, does love
agricola farmer
domina lady of the house, mistress
laborat labors, is laboring, does labor
pugnat fights, is fighting, does fight
fortuna fortune
causa cause, reason
victoria victory
quid what?
luna moon
grata pleasing
Created by: BluePenguin