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JSL 11B vocabulary

hisasiburi after a long interval
sibaraku a while
gobusata-simasita I've neglected to be in touch
kawari/okawari a change
okagesama de thanks for asking; thanks to you
minasan everyone /polite/
monbusyoo Ministry of Education
gaimusyoo Foreign Ministry
ookurasyoo Finance Ministry
hazimete the first time
hazimemasite How do you do.
sewa/osewa care, assistance
osewa ni naru become oblige for assistance
kotira koso this very side
gaikokugo foreign language
(go)syookai-suru introduce
Tookyoo-daigaku/Toodai Tokyo University
Kyooto-daigaku/Kyoodai Kyoto University
Hokkaidoo-daigaku/Hokudai Hokkaido University
Kyuusyuu-daigaku/Kyuudai Kyushu University
Doozo yorosiku Please [treat me] favorably.
goryoosin both parents /honorific polite/
ryoosin both parents
oyagosan parent /honorific polite/
oya parent
otoosan father /honorific polite/
titi; titioya father
okaasan mother /honorific polite/
haha; hahaoya mother
oziisan grandfather /honorific polite/
sohu grandfather
obaasan grandmother /honorific polite/
sobo grandmother
ozisan uncle /honorific polite/
ozi uncle
obasan aunt /honorific polite/
oba aunt
oitokosan cousin /honorific polite/
itoko cousin
Created by: allikamikaze