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Stack #423267


Zantac® ranitidine H2 Antagonist
Riopan® magaldrate Antacids
Donnatol®/Bellergal-S® belladonna + pb COMBINATION Anti-spasmodics
Milk of Magnesia (MOM) ® magnesium hydroxide Antacids
Citroma® magnesium citrate Laxative
Ex-Lax® phenophaline Laxative
Reglan® metoclopramide HCl Prokinetic
Carafate® sucralfate (aluminum hydroxide) Ulcer Protector
Robinul® glycopyrrolate Anti-cholinergics
Mylicon® simethicone Anti-flatulence
Bemote® Bentyl® Antispas® dicyclomine HCl Anti-spasmodics
Pepcid® famitidine H2 Antagonist
Lomotil® diphenoxylate HCl Anti-cholinergic
Lactinex® lactobacilius Bacterial Replacement
Bowel Evacuants sodium phosphate
Pro-Banthine® propantheline bromide Anti-cholinergics
Kaopectate® bismuth subsailcylate Adsorbent
Black & White MOM+Cascara COMBINATION Anti-spasmodics
Imodium® loperamide HCl Narcotic Derivative
Surfak® docusate calcium Laxative
Correctol®/Dulcolax® bisacodyl Stimulant Laxative
Metamucil® psyllium Laxative
Colace® docusate Catharter
Created by: AlleyKat61636