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Arthurian Lit

Who's Gildas? Monk writer; wrote about "powerful tyrant" of when Anglo Saxons invaded and killed british
Gildas' importance in Arthurian Literature Never mentions Arthur by name, but tells tales of a great military leader
First Latin Source to mention Arthur The History of the Brittons was the first to mention Arthur
Latin Source's importance to Arthurian Literature Nennius writings are thought to be based on the Twelve battles of Arthur
When, Where, and under what circumstances was The Gododdin written? In 600 AD, Mynyddog the Wealthy, ruler of Gododdin, assembled an army, let them feast for a year on his expense, and was defeated by a British force, leaving only one man of 300, Anerin,the writer of The Gododdin, alive.
In the Gododdin, how does the audience feel about Arthur? In Gododdin, Arthur was being compared as the best or one of the best fighters/leaders, so approx. a generation or two has thought to have passed, and Arthur was considered a legendary hero.
Who was Owain, son of Urien? Owain, son of Unrien, sixth century lord of Rheged in Northern Britain.
How is Owain involved in the Arthurian legend? In the later Arthurian tales, Owain is mentioned as a the hero of a romance that gained widespread popularity in Europe
What is said about Arthur's Grave in the Welsh "The Stanzas of the Graves?" Arthur's grave may even have given rise to a belief that Arthur was not dead and that he would return as a deliverer.
What are the Welsh Triads? What's their purpose? An invaluable store of information about the development of Arthurian legend.
Created by: bja34