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IVC Link 2 Lesson 1

IVC Chinese Link Levl 2 Lesson 1

累 lèi implicate, tired
倒 dǎo to collapse, to fall
衣服 yīfu clothes, clothing
门 mén door
放 fàng to release
死 sǐ to die, dead
方便 fāngbiàn convenient
坏 huài bad, spoiled, evil, broken
行李 xíngli luggage, baggage
别 bié don't
小心 xiǎoxīn be careful
乱 luàn in a mess, in disorder
挂 guà hang, put up
附近 fùjìn nearby
干净 gānjìng clean
树 shù tree
咱们 zánmen we (including the listener)
主意 zhǔyi plan, idea
请客 qǐng kè invite to dinner
忘 wàng forget
箱子 xiāngzi chest, trunk, baggage
脏 zāng dirty
呀 ya ah, oh
负责 fùzé be responsible for
整齐 zhěngqí tidy
撞 zhuàng to hit
层 céng (mw for layers), layer,
亮 liàng bright, light
装 zhuāng to load
镜子 jìngzi mirror
整理 zhěnglǐ put in order, arrange
破 pò broken, damaged
扫 sǎo to sweep, broom
钥匙 yàoshǐ key
房东 fángdōng landlord
楼梯 lóutī stair, stairs
地毯 dìtǎn carpet, rug
外套 wàitào coat
窗 chuāng window
关上 guānshàn to close (a door), turn off (light)
地板 dìbǎn floor, floor board
Created by: Kaixinlaoshi
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