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Physiology Chapter 4

Enzymes and Energy

What are biological catalysits that increase the rate of chemical reactions? Enzymes
Most enzyme are made out of what? Protein
What acts by lowering energy required for a reaction to proceed? Enzymes
The ability of enzymes to lower energy requirement is due to what? Highly-ordered 3-dimensional shape
Enzymes have highly-ordered 3-dimentional shapes, this is refered to as what? Conformation
What are the pockets called in an enzyme called? Active sites
What fits into the active site of an enzyme? Substrates (reactants)
Enzymes act by bringing __________ close together so they can react. Substrates
Most enzyme names end with what? "ase"
Metal ions such as Calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and selenium are examples of what? Cofactors
What are derived from vitamins and transport small molecules needed by enzymes? Coenzymes
The binding of a ______ changes the conformation of the active site and aids in the temporary bonding between an enzyme and substrate? Cofactor
Classes of enzymes are named according to their activity. Some remove a phosphate group and some add. What enzyme adds a phosphate group and what one remove a phosphate group? Kinases adds and phosphotase removes
Enzymes have an optimal temperature and pH range. What is the pH of pepsin? 2.0
Enzymes have an optimal temperature and pH range. What is the pH of monoamine oxidase (nerve endings)? 9.8
Enzymes have an optimal temperature and pH range. What is the pH of Lipase (pancreatic juice) 7.0
Created by: seshelby62