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english final words.


abhor hate or dispise something
tedious slow, tiresom, boring
disposition opinion, views
pernicious dangerous,harmful
augment adding to something
squander use unwisely, waste
abate dissapeared
askew crooked
blandishments flattery
essence nature of something
aghast shocked, stunned
privations lack of comforts
apathy dont care, lack of feeling
incessant repetitive, nonstop
shrift confession
unsentimental without emotions
rampant widespread
prowess skin or ability
insidious not dangerous
inudate overwelmed
TAG title, author, genre
thesis tells what essay will be about
topic sentence hook
transition sentence word or phrase changing from one sentence to another
personal pronouns i, me, my, you
outline graphic organizer
expositon starting point in story
rising actions events that lead to climax
climax turning point
culminating event last event of story
irony twist of fate
forshadowing events leading up to something
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