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6thgrade examScience

the 6th grade science study guide words

What is Geological Time Scale? a timeline that represents the entire history of earth since its formation.
What is Weathering? when rock is broken down
What is Erosion? sediments and soil moved by wind, water and graivty.
What can fossils tel us? what plants and animals lived in the past.
What is Pangaea? a 2 million year old super continent.
What is Continental drift? the theroy of moving continents to the place they are now.
What causes Earths movement in Litospheric plates and how fast do they move? convection causes plates to move they move about 2 cm. a year.
Explain the theroy of Plate Techtonics? that plates are in a slow constant motion.
What happens on a transform boundry and what way does it go? Earthquakes happen, goes next to eachother like knuckles.
What happens on a convergent boundry and what way does it go? Volcanoes happen, goes into eachother like a carcrash.
What happens on a divergent boundry and what way does it go? New ocean floors are created, goes away from eachother like same magnets. (North and North)
What is the name of the area where many earthquakes and volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean? Ring of Fire.
What is a food web? all the feeding relationships in a communtiy.
What is a consumer? organism that feeds off other organisms.
What is a producer? organism that feeds off its own food through photosynthesis.
What is a decomposer? organism that eats other organinsms and turns its nutrients into simple chemicals.
What is a carnivore? organism that eats only meat.
What is an omnivore? organism that eats both plants and meat.
What is a herbivore? organism that eats only plants.
What is a scavenger? organism who feeds off the bodies of dead organisms.
What is an abiotic factor? dead/un- living.
What is a biotic factor? alive.
What is a niche? organisms role and how it makes a living.
What is adaptation? a way an organism changes to better fit where it lives and what it eats.
What is an inherited trait? trait you were born with.
What is an acquired trait? trait you get after birth.
Created by: kayleigh1000