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Medications Part 2

True or False: It is acceptable to leave meds at the bedside for the client to take later. False!
When should a nurse leave the medication cart unlocked? Never ever!
Name 4 contraindications for giving meds via the oral route. vomiting, dysphagia, continuous gastric suctioning, unconsciousness
What is the proper way to measure a liquid medication? At eye level on a flat surface
Name some types of medications that cannot be crushed. sustained/extended release, enteric coated
What should the nurse teach the patient when administering a buccal or sublingual medication? No liquids until completely dissolved, do not chew or swallow, medication will act quickly
Name the important steps in applying a transdermal patch. Wear gloves, remove previous patch before applying new one, clean the skin and dry, rotate application areas, label new patch with date and time applied
What position for the patient is best when administering otic medications? lateral
What kind of needle is necessary when drawing liquid medication from an ampule? filter needle
Why is an important to document the injection site that you used? So that sites can be rotated
The angle for an intradermal injection should be no more than: 15 degrees
How far should the nurse insert the needle when giving an intradermal injection? 1/8 inch
Which way should the bevel of the needle be facing when giving an intradermal injection? up (towards the ceiling)
When giving an intradermal injection on the forearm, in what specific area should the nurse administer the injection? medial aspect of the forearm, about 4 fingers away from the anticubital space and wrist
Where should the nurse give a subcutaneous injection in the abdomen? at least 2 inches away from the umbilicus, below the umbilicus
Which needle length is appropriate for a subcutaneous injection: 1/2" or 1"? 1/2"
Which needle gauge is appropriate for a subcutaneous injection: 28G or 22G? 28G
For an average-sized adult client, which angle of injection is appropriate for a subcutaneous injection? 90 degrees
If a client has very little subcutaneous tissue, which angle is best for a subcutaneous injection? 45 degrees
If an insulin injection is to be given, which route is appropriate? subcutaneous
When giving an injection of an anti-coagulant such as Heparin, name two things you should NOT do. aspirate or massage
Which needle gauge is appropriate for an intramuscular injection: 20G or 30G? 20G
What is the needle length range for a needle used to give an IM injection? 5/8" to 1.5" (depending upon size of client)
What angle is used for an IM injection? 90 degrees
True or False: the nurse should aspirate when administering an IM injection. True!
What are the landmarks for the deltoid injection site? acromion process and axillary fold
True or False: If you have a 3 mL injection to give, you should use the deltoid site. False!
What are the landmarks for the vastus lateralis injection site? greater trochanter and the knee
What are the landmarks for the ventrogluteal site? greater trochanter, anterior superior iliac spine, iliac crest
If you are giving a medication that needs to be administered using the IM Z-track technique, which is the appropriate site: deltoid or ventrogluteal ventrogluteal
What is the purpose of the z-track technique? to prevent irritating or staining medications from leaking up the needle track and out of the muscle
What should the nurse take into consideration when choosing an IM site? size of the client, condition of skin and underlying tissue, age of the client, type of medication used, amount of medication used, preference of client
Created by: ProfessorGemmel