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Final Countries

Europe: It grows more food than any country in western Europe. Nuclear power is its main source of energy. It is known for its wine and fashion. Its government is known as the fifth republic. The capital’s nickname is the City of Light FRANCE
Europe: It is called the Emerald Isle. Peat, from bogs, is used as a fuel. It is divided North and South because of religious conflicts between the Catholics and the Protestants. The ancestors are the Celts and the people still speak Gaelic IRELAND
Europe: It is called the land of Fire and Ice because of the volcanoes and glaciers. Geysers and hot springs produce energy. It was once ruled by Denmark ICELAND
Europe: It is dominated by the Apennine Mts and sticks out into the Mediterranean. The southern part has volcanoes. There is an uneven distribution of wealth between the north and the south. It is the home to the head of Roman Catholic Church ITALY
Europe: Alps to the south.Rivers are very important.The Black Forest is effected by acid rain. Coal and iron ore have been found in the Ruhr.It is a producer of beer, wine and cheese. Was divided into East and West, reunited by the fall of the Berlin Wall GERMANY
Europe: It is made up of four regions (one is Scotland). The need to import a large amount of their food. They have a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. The major religion is Protestant and William Shakespeare is a famous author UNITED KINGDOM
Europe: This country is a constitutional monarchy.The people here eat dinner at 9 or 10 pm. Traditional dish is called paella.The leading producer of olive oil.There are many disputes with people who live in the Basque region, they want independence SPAIN
Europe: It is the largest country in the world.After World War II, its had a communist form of government, it became our enemy in the Cold War.Now it has a democracy and allows the practice of the Eastern Orthodox religion.It has the longest river in Euro RUSSIA
Europe: It is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula country. It has a prosperous economy which has allowed it to be a welfare state that provides for the people. Many people have immigrated here because of the high standard of living SWEDEN
North America: It is a country that is often called an isthmus for it is the connector for North and South America. A canal was built there to make the trip between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans quicker PANAMA
North America:It is a country with two peninsulas, the Yucatan and Baja California. The culture of the country is influenced by the Spanish, Aztec and Mayan civilizations that were present there. Its capital city is located at the base of an active volano MEXICO
North America:It is an island country that is part of the Greater Antilles.It is the only communist country in the Western Hemisphere.People here work on cooperative farms that are shared by the community.It is one of the top sugar producers in the world CUBA
Has 48 contiguous states with 2 located apart.The third largest country in the world.Borders both the 2 oceans, has a varied physical landscape.A world leader in every economic sector.Once a colony of GB it gained independence through a revolution UNITED STATES
North America: It is the second largest country in the world.It lays far north and much of its population lives along its southern border.The country has two major languages, English and French due to it being settled by both.It still recognizes the Queen CANADA
South America:A large country,only Portuguese’s speaking country.Most people located on the coast. he country relocated its capital to get more people to go there.The Amazon and the Rainforest are there. They celebrate Carnival and are futbol fans. BRAZIL
South America: It is a narrow country that stretches along the Pacific Ocean south to Antarctica. It is home to the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth. It shares the island of Tierra del Fuego with its neighbor Argentina CHILE
South America: It is a small country smooshed between two powerful countries. Its economy is dependant upon cattle and sheep ranching. It has the highest standard of living in South America URUGUAY
South America:It has Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world.It is also the home of the heart of the Inca Empire that dominated the Western Central part of South America until the Spanish came.Lima, is the highest capital in the world PERU
South America: It is located on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest supplier of cocaine to the United States and Europe. Farmers there can make more money growing coca than coffee, it major legal crop COLOMBIA
South America: It is located on the Caribbean Sea with a large lake that connects to it. There, large oil reserves can be found. It is names after its resemblance to the city of Venice in Italy VENEZUELA
Created by: arobinson