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E/J Communication


announcement hatupiyou
answer kotae
approval sansei
argument giron
argument ronkiyo
book shiyomotsu
call tsuuwa
character monji
cry sakebi
data shiriyou
decision ketutei
dictionary jishiyo
discussion giron
doubt utagai
experience taiken
expression ituken
feeling kanjiyou
idea kangae
information annai
interest risoku
interview mensetsu
language gongo
language shita
letter monji
letter tegami
lie uso
magazine zatushi
mail yuubin
memory kiokuriyoku
memory omoide
mistake machigai
name na
newspaper shinbun
note chiyuuigaki
number suu
opinion iken
page men
point ten
pronunciation hatsuon
proposal teian
protest kougi
question shitsumon
reaction hannou
reason riyuu
relation kankei
request youbou
secret himitsu
sentence mon
sign kigou
speech gongo
spelling tsuzuri
standard kijiyun
statement shiyoumiyou
subject shiyudai
suggestion teian
voice koe
word katari
writing shiyotai
Created by: jalway