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E/J Business


account kanjiyoushiyo
advantage riten
advertisement koukoku
advice jiyogon
agreement kiyoutei
attention chiyuui
authority kengen
banknote shihei
bargain keiyaku
brand shiyouhiyou
business kigiyou
capital shihon
change kozeni
check kogitute
committee iinkai
company kaishiya
competition kiyousouaite
complaint kokuhatsu
contest shiai
contract keiyaku
cost hiyou
council hiyougikai
course jiyugiyou
customer kokiyaku
demand iriyou
department bushiyo
design dezain
difficulty konnan
direction houkou
director keieishiya
economy keizai
environment kankiyou
experience keiken
firm shiyoukai
form youshi
group shiyuudan
help tetsudau
holiday kiyuuka
income shiyuuniyuu
industry sangiyou
insurance hoken
interest kiyoumi
invoice seikiyuushiyo
job shiyoku
law hou
leave kiyuuka
loss sonshitsu
management shidou
marker hiyoushiki
market hanro
material zairiyou
mean chiyuukan
meeting deai
money kinsen
occupation shiyokugiyou
offer moushide
office jimushitsu
officer yakunin
operation sousa
owner shiyoyuushiya
package kozutsumi
part kukaku
payment okaeshi
plan tsukue
price daika
problem mondai
product seisanbutsu
profit riyaku
property shiyoyuubutsu
rate souba
rest nokori
right kenri
sale hanbai
section bukiyoku
service ho_shi
share kabu
shop ten
skill jiyukuren
staff shiyokuin
success seikou
support shiji
table omote
tax zeikin
team kumi
trade boueki
value kachi
wages houshiyuu
work doriyoku
worker roudoushiya
Created by: jalway
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