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Extra Reading Vocab

Chapter 15 LTKO1C

서로 mutually
불만 dissatisfaction
the time since, between
싸우다 to fight
direction, side
상대방 each other
자기 oneself
무관심하다 indifference
불평 discontent
도대체 on earth, the heck
신경 쓰다 to care
사실 in actuality
the inside/interior
입히다 clothe, dress another person
먹히다 to feed
역시 1. too, also 2. according to expectation
관심 interest/care
힘들다 hard/difficult
하루종일 all day
거의 almost
이해하다 to understand
중요하다 important
느끼다 to feel, be conscious of
~은 척하다 to pretend
~을 형해서 toward
~아 버리다 to end up
마을 village
친하다 to be close
새까맣다 to be jet-black
나타나다 to come out, appear
몹시 very, greatly, highly
엎드리다 to lie flat
~고 말다 to end up
나무 tree
넘어지다 to fall down
죽다 to die
냄새 맡다 to smell
숲속 inside wood, forest, grove
위험하다 dangerous
도망가다 escape
다가오다 to approach
산길 mountain path
~기는 했지만 it is true but
~은지~지나다 it has been~since~
공연 performance
참다 to endure
그냥 just
~을 수 있을까 can it be possible?
갑지기 suddenly
이렇게 어려울 줄 몰랐어 i didn't know it would be this hard
구름이 끼다 to be cloudy
골려보다 to roll
도깨비 monster
도로 road
발견하다 to discover
새워하다 to park
신기하다 to be marvelous/intriguing
신비 mystery
착시현상 optical illusion
알려지다 to be known as
오르막 uphill
운전기사 driver
잠시 for a moment
Created by: jriendea