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Fourth Quarter Vocab

All the vocabulary that you need to know for this quarter

Spiral Galaxy A galaxy that has a center bulge with old stars and arms with new stars
Elliptical Galaxy A galaxy shaped like an egg or ball
Irregular Galaxy A galaxy with no defined shape
Milky Way Our galaxy, a spiral galaxy
Galaxy A large group of gas, dust, and billions of stars
Solar System A group of planets that revolve around a star
Sun The star at the center of our solar system
Core The center of the sun where its energy is produced
Photosphere The outer layer of the sun that we see
Sunspots Dark, cool spots on the sun’s surface
Plages Bright hot spots on the sun
Solar Flares Bursts of fire that shoot out from the sun’s surface into space
Prominences Loops of fire that go back to the sun’s surface
Corona The halo like layer that we can only see during a solar eclipse
Diameter A straight line that passes through the center of a circle or sphere
Mass How much matter is in an object
Surface Gravity The amount of gravitational pull experienced on the surface of an object
Length of Rotation How long it takes an object to spin on its axis once, or one complete day
Length of Revolution How long it takes an object to go around the sun, or one year
Rotation The spin of an object on its axis
Orbit The path that a body follows as it travels around another body in space
Revolution The motion of a body that travels around another body in space
New Moon None of the moon is visible.
First Quarter Exactly half of the Earth
Full Moon The entire side of the Moon facing the Earth is visible
Third Quarter Exactly half of the Earth
Lunar Eclipse The moon passes through the Earth’s shadow
Solar Eclipse The moon moves between the sun and the Earth
Gravity The force of attraction between objects, it keeps objects in orbit
Tides The daily changes in the level of the oceans and other large bodies of water
High Tides They occur on the side of the Earth facing the moon and on the opposite side. The water level is higher in these locations.
Low Tides They occur between the locations of the high tides. The water is pulled away from these locations so the water level is low.
Earth’s Tilt The cause of seasons on Earth
Winter When the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun
Summer When the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun
Created by: Marquart