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Japanese lesson 1

Vocab from lesson 1

ohayou good morning
ohayou gozaimasu good morning (polite)
konnichiwa good afternoon
konbanwa good evening
sayounara good bye
oyasuminasai good night
arigatou thank you
arigatou gozaimasu thank you (polite)
sumimasen excuse me; I'm sorry
iie no; not at all
ittekimasu I'm going
itterashai please go and come back
tadaima I'm home
okaerinasai welcome home
itadakimasu Thank you for the meal (before eating)
gochisousama thank you for the meal (after eating)
hajimemashite How do you do?
douzo yoroshiku Nice to meet you
ima now
eego English language
ee yes
gakusei student
go language
koukou highschool
gogo pm
gozen am
sai years old
san mr/mrs
ji o'clock
jin people (nihinjin)
sensei teacher
senmon major
sou desu that's right
daigaku college; university
denwa phone
tomodachi friend
namae name
nan/nani what?
Nihon Japan
nensei year student
bangou number
ryuugakusei international student
Amerika USA
Igirisu Britain
o-sutoraria Australia
kankoku Korea
sueeden Sweden
chuugoku China
kagaku science
ajiakenkyuu asian studies
keezai econ
kokusaikankei international relations
konpyuutaa cpmputer
jinruigaku anthro
seiji politics
bijinesu business
bungaku literature
rekishi history
shigoto job
isha doctor
kaishain office worker
koukousei highschool student
shufu housewife
daigakuinsei graduate student
daigakusei college student
bengoshi lawyer
okaasan mother
otousan father
oneesan older sis
oniisan older bro
imouto younger sis
otouto younger bro
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