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Stuff to review

What do J waves indicate? Hypothermia
How do you determine position of fetus? Leopold Maneuvers
Glucose dose for newborn D10
What is Graves Disease Exphypothalmus
Medication for cocaine overdose Diazepam
What is S3 heart sound? CHF/ Ventricular irritability
Disease with increased risk to a baby/neonoate/fetus? Rubeola
Babinskis Reflex Big toe flexes toward the top of the foot and the other toes fan apart. Part of the REFLEX ARC....
Complications of precipitous delivery Maternal lacerations, neonate trauma
What does vertical Axis on ECG mean? Voltage.
MVA, PT with abd pain,low bp,tachacardic, what kind of shock? Hypovolemic
What is conversion reaction? Pt has loss of function usually involving the nervous system(blindness,paralysis) unexplained by any medical illness.
Clonic part of seizure. in/out of muscle spasms
Most common arrhythmia for adult in cardiac arrest? VFib
PT with PH 7.2,PaCO2 58 Respiratory Acidosis
Most communicable type of Hepatitis A
What happens with depolarization? Potassium leaves,(Sodium Salts)Na+ enters.
MVA with bus crash 4 critical patients, what is priority? Request additional resources
Legs trapped for 12 hours what would you suspect when freed? Metabolic Acidosis
Legs trapped for 2 hours what will happen to leg? Rhadomyolysis
Why should you hyperventilate a patient? rid CO2
Size of tube in children is eqaul to what? (Age/4)+ 4
Child hit on back of head right eye is blown out what do you suspect? ocular motor nerve
Low dose of Atropine causes what? Reflex Bradycardia
Baby shittin and throwing up for 2 days, what is treatment? fluid bolus
What is ambulance strike team leader? 5 ambos and 1 strike team leader
Pt w 99% BSA what color triage tag do they get? Black.
Pt with SOB, rhales, what is 1st drug? Albuterol
Pt with Hypertension, low pulse rate, and irregular respirations. Whats the injury? Head Injury, Cushings Reflex.
Kid with croup what drug do you give? Racemic Epi
What % of O2 is deliverd with nasal cannula at 6lpm? 44%
S/S of ruptured diaphragm? Bowel sounds in the chest
Epi for Allergic reaction? SQ .3-.5mg of 1:1000
Epi for anaphylaxis IV .1mg of 1:10,000
Treatment for unstable SVT? Consider sedation and cardiovert at 50J
Fly like a butterfly, sting like SVT= Aflutter, SVT start cardiovert at 50J
Cushings reflex Hypertension, low heart rate, irregular respirations. BIOTS!
Pt with chest pain is given NTG,MS,Pt has drop in BP to 76/40, next course of action? Lay patinet down, 200cc fluid bolus
Tx for minor anaphylaxis after eating lobster. What treatment is is contraindicated? Solumedryl,Epi 1:10000 mg IV,Albuterol,Bendadryl Epi
Adult with burns to ant/post arms,legs,and anterior chest. what is BSA? 63%
Burn that is red with blisters? Partial thickness 2nd degree
Tinnitus, hyper-excited, rapid & labored breathing,N/V,seizures.. what is the overose? ASA Toxicity
Visual disturbances, abd pain, N/V, what is the Overdose? Digitalis Toxicity
Process of clotting? Vascular Injury,platelet aggregations,coagulation
MVA with c/o of paralysis.. Use Keds board or vest like immob and c-collar
Diving accident with spinal cord trauma,brady and hypotensive. what is the pathophysiology/ Lose sympathetic tone and vasodilate
Pt with head injury, brief LOC, lucent interval then unconsious.. Epidural
#1 cause of bradycardia in kids? Hypoxia
CO can cause? Seizures
Treatment for evisceration Moist sterile dressings
Heart Sounds S1 AV/tricuspid and mitral valves close
Heart Sounds S2 pulmonary and aorta/Semilunar valves close
Heart Sounds S3 Vent gallop resulting from a dilated ventricle
Adrendergic drugs will increase or decrease afterload? Increase
Ped dose for lido. 1mg/kg
Most plentiful Ion in the body? Calcium
Ventilation rate for adult with BVM 1 breath every 5-6 seconds, 10-12/min
Ventilation rate for adult with ETT 1 breath every 6-8 seconds,
Contraindication for Nitrous Oxide. Emphysema, Pregnancy, Pneumothorax
Parkland Formula Kg x 4ml x BSA%. Amount of fluids given over 24 hours, give half the amount in the first 8 hours.
Pediatric weight for Kg formula. (Age x 2) + 8
Average amount of tidal volume 500mL
Most common type of Hepatatis. A, transmitted by poo
Hepatatis, Bacteria or Virus Virus
What is the worst type of Hepatitis? Hep C, causes cirrhosis of the liver.
Drug Dose Formula Desired Dose X Volume on Hand / Concentration
Chronotrope affects: Heart Rate
Inotrope affects: Myocardial Contractillity, (strength of contraction)
Dromotrope affects: AV Conduction Velocity (excitability or willingness of the heart to conduct an impulse)
Pressure/Volume in the left ventricle at the end of the diastole Preload.
Preasure or resistance against which the heart must pump. Afterload.
Contraction of extensor muscles of the extremities from a lesion in the brainstem. Patient presents with stiff and extended extremities and retracted head Decrebrate Posture
Characteristic posture assosciated with lesion at or above the upper brainstem. Patient presents with arms flexed,fists clenched,and legs exteded Decorticate Posture
What drug do you give for beta blocker overdose Glucagon
How is Hep C transmitted? Blood
Furosemide pushed too fast can cause? Temporary deafness, transient flushness.
a shift in intracellular water to the extracellular space leads to dehydration, increased intracellular osmolarity, and intracellular ice crystal formation. Frostbite
Breath sounds that consist of a quiet, wispy inspiratory phase followed by a short almost silent expiratory phase. Vesicular Lung Sounds
NFPA 704 Color Coded Hazmat Placards, what do the four areas in the placard represent? (Blue) Health Risks,(Red) Flammability, (Yellow) Reactivity, Specific Hazard.
NFPA 704 Color Coded Hazmat Placards, What do the numbers represent, 0-4 inside the Good rule of thumb, 0 is no risk, 4 is the worst risk.
NFPA 704 Color Coded Hazmat Placards, What does the blue area represent? Think EMS wears BLUE uniforms HEALTH. 0 no hazard.1 exposure = irritation. 2 intense, continued,not chronic exposure = temp incapacitation,possible residual injury.3 short exposure = serious temp or residual injury. 4 very short exposure = death or major residual injury.
NFPA 704 Color Coded Hazmat Placards, What does the red area represent? Think RED fire trucks Flammability
NFPA 704 Color Coded Hazmat Placards, What does the Yellow area represent? Think Yellow roses on your coffin if this shit blows up. Reactivity
Situations Intubation is contraindicated. Epiglottitis,
Situations LMA is Contraindicated. Gag reflex even if minimal, ingestion of caustic materials(oven cleaner), Upper GI Bleed, Morbidly Obese
Antipsychotic drug used for treatment of schizophrenia and, treatment of acute psychotic states and delirium. Haldol,(Haloperidol)
Overdose on Elavil, Pt is red as a beat, mad as a hatter, dry as a bone.. What type of drug and what medication do you give? Elavil,aka Vanatrip, Amitriptyline is a Tricylic Antidepressant.
What is considered Hypoglycemic in pediatric patient, and what is treatment? <40mg/dl. Treatment with D10, 5-10mL/kg, Treatment with D25 2-4mL/kg.
What part of the body does crones disease cause? Small Intestine
Pt with high levels of CO2 they are said to be? Hypercapnia.
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